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Bangladeshi Dyom Designer
Hello. Its me Sadman.BD. I cant log in to my original account dont know why. So i made an another account. All mission that are being uploded to my original account will be uploded here too.

A new mission has been added. Name Delta Bravo, Rescue Hunter and The Assign. A new Storyline added. Hope you like it

Mission NameStatusRelease Date
Delta BravoCompletedAlready Released
Rescue HunterCompletedAlready Released
Honor Of CopsCompletedReleased
The AssignCompletedReleased.

Mission NameStatusUpdates
Rescue HunterActiveUpdated With Skin Links


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Sep 30 '20
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Oct 25 '20
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13 Avg: 4.8
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Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
The MafiaSep 30 2020, 08:40-40410
Modern WarSep 30 2020, 08:45-27260
Life Of COPS (Ultimate double Pack)Sep 30 2020, 08:49-28130
Join Mafia + Bonus MissionSep 30 2020, 08:51-34190
Welcome To Gta San AdreasSep 30 2020, 08:54-51330
!WAR!Sep 30 2020, 08:56-36210
The Cop MatterSep 30 2020, 09:00-25150
Cliffhanger CODMW2 (Fixed) With CustomizSep 30 2020, 09:02-1670
Death Of Savages (CODMW2)Sep 30 2020, 09:03-2290
Delta BravoSep 30 2020, 09:06-21320
Rescue HunterOct 10 2020, 11:134.573257
The AssignOct 13 2020, 07:11513181
[SL] Honour Of CopsOct 24 2020, 09:02-730


Added by Anouar on Sep 30 2020, 11:33
Please rate my missions. It helps me to make more missions.
And dont forget to comment if you have any problems.
Added by Ebad Nadeem on Sep 30 2020, 17:11
Sorry Bro i cant Help In This regard Because I Dont Know About Account Ban System In DYOM You Should Start At This Account And Bro If You Need Help Just Comment On my Profile Not In Any Mission Because i Watch Profile Comments First
Added by yasashakeel@gmail.co on Sep 30 2020, 18:59
Hi DYOM Designers,
It is requested to join Dyom WhatsApp group for the general discussion related to dyom...!
Here's the link for the dyom WhatsApp group . Simply click on the link to join it asap .


Waiting for you
Added by Anouar on Oct 01 2020, 10:15
Hello! [color=red]Please rate my mission and comment if you have any problems![/color]
Added by Anouar on Oct 01 2020, 10:16
LOL! I was trying to make it red.. but didnt . Never Mind
Added by Huzaifa on Oct 14 2020, 19:31
Colors didn't work in comment section.
Added by Huzaifa on Oct 16 2020, 06:18
Open this link and make your account here: https://gtaforums.com/forum/263-design-your-own-mission/

After validation, process of joining is done! Then you can share your missions there..
Added by Anouar on Oct 16 2020, 07:24
Thanks Bro.
Added by Anouar on Oct 18 2020, 12:21
New storyline coming. I will announce the name in few days after complete making missions. Stay tuned!
Added by Anouar on Oct 24 2020, 09:04
Storyline added. Hope you like it
Added by M.B. Kovas on Oct 24 2020, 09:09
Hey, nice profile you got.
Added by Anouar on Oct 25 2020, 08:02
@M.B. KOVAS thank you.!

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