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Oct 28 '12
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May 22 '18
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Heist: Small Town BankJun 01 2015, 21:44-94313160
Heist: Bank JobJun 01 2015, 21:453.75209719695


Added by AlterMann on Nov 17 2012, 13:31
Well do the mission. Soon continuation of an agent?
Added by serbia4life on Nov 17 2012, 13:50
I'm working on it. Thanks
Added by Zohair Irani on Nov 21 2012, 16:44
Added by Zohair Irani on Nov 21 2012, 16:45
Good Missions You Have Made....
Added by serbia4life on Nov 21 2012, 19:01
Thanks :D
Added by Zohair Irani on Nov 30 2012, 13:14
Please it is a last request do not Upload same missions again and again.Try to create more and new ones.........
Added by serbia4life on Nov 30 2012, 13:39
it wasnt me, looks like im hacked or something
Added by AnDReJ98 on Jan 02 2013, 23:26
Thank you!
Added by spammer on Jan 01 2014, 23:24
dodji na nas specialni sajt i registruj se tamo ce te cekati super nagrada. link: http://gtasamythandlegends.webs.com/
Added by Wolf247 on Jan 26 2014, 21:32
Sto se mene tice, ako hoces da napravis ratni Storyline, mogli bi smo da napravimo kopiju Lepa Sela Lepo Gore na Engleskom, a mozda i na Srpskom. Ja mogu da ti pomognem u pisanju, a i mogu da nadjem neke modove.

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