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Nov 12 '11
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Jul 07 '14
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MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
Soldier vs TerroristNov 04 2009, 18:365269522763
Mike's Ballas LifeNov 24 2009, 16:51-156612950
Mikes Ballas Life pt 2- Unpaid ProtectioNov 30 2009, 14:21299711360
Angels From Heaven (horror clip)Mar 17 2010, 17:47-136611173
Motel MadnessNov 22 2011, 14:312.81429128410
Back on the streetz (race)Mar 13 2012, 14:1049738355


Added by KaRzY6 on Nov 12 2011, 09:05
Hey Adam_Donnell. Um well on GTFforums you can post your missions and more people will see it. The reason i'm sending this is that the DYOM SubForum has been very quite lately. So we are telling people to sign up. To get to it, on the side of this website the DYOM Links section, There's to links, Support Forum and Mission Forum(both apart of GTAForums) Please join.

P.S. Make sure you use english.
Added by General Scrotum on Nov 13 2011, 13:21
If you want to claim you missions back, find them and claim them as yours.
Added by QaiserH on Feb 04 2014, 08:43
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