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Here lies my own DYOM Universe. Being as strange as it is, I make these by pure boredom and preparation for a future book that I'm writing.

So here are the description of all of my mission series:


"San Andreas is in trouble. A mysterious man is out there with a brand new medicine he's been making. With the power of... streaming, I guess? Joshimuz and his team is going to stop the madness once and for all, but can they?

It's Joshimuz' Crazy Adventures! What something extremely unexpected comes, Josh is always ready for action!"

Joshimuz' Crazy Adventures' stats: Incomplete
Missions Made: 6


"The DYOM Universe is going through a huge chaos, with all of the DYOM worlds in one, it's suffering from a huge unbalance. With one side, causing chaos by creating "challenges" to entertain the world.

MineVHN with all of his characters, he brings everyone for his special event called: "Rage to Victory", in which ALL of them is going to get into a series of challenges made by VHN himself. Being extremely hard and unfair, he sure wants to conquer the world with the pure chaos that he makes. Who's the one that can stop him?

Prepare yourself to Rage... to Victory"

Rage to Victory Status: Incomplete
Missions made: 2


New mission series coming soon...


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Aug 01 '22
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Apr 25 '24
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Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
Joshimuz' Crazy Adventures Ch.2 Pt.1Jun 26 2023, 19:3113661231
Joshimuz' Crazy Adventures Ch.1Sep 14 2023, 01:2814202250
Joshimuz' Crazy Adventures Ch.2 Pt.2Sep 14 2023, 01:29-4271200
Joshimuz' Crazy Adventures Ch.3Sep 20 2023, 00:112.54221380
Rage to Victory Pt.2Oct 17 2023, 07:15-301900
Rage to Victory Pt.1Oct 17 2023, 07:1933651130
Joshimuz' Crazy Adventures Ch.4 Pt.1Dec 03 2023, 17:28-951220
Joshimuz' Crazy Adventures Ch.4 Pt.2Dec 03 2023, 17:30-891390


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