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Hello, I'm known online as AlphaYellow, and my journey in DYOM started in November 2012. I was searching for GTA mods online, when suddenly I found this in a GTAForums thread somewhere. Then the next month, decided to create an account and started making missions to test different mechanics.

YouTube | Steam | Discord: AlphaYellow#4853


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Dec 08 '12
Last Login
Jul 16 '24
Missions made
38 Avg: 4.4
Trailers made
6 Avg: 5
VideoTuts made
TextTuts made
1 Avg: 3
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Ratings made
55 Avg: 4.5

Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
Victory in the EndDec 08 2012, 15:58592415720
SabotageDec 09 2012, 19:11575213313
SWAT Stories Ep.1 The FightDec 23 2012, 20:17-89517370
SWAT Stories Ep.4 Jefrson Motel ShootoutDec 26 2012, 22:20-86414460
SWAT Stories Ep.5 Banking IncomeDec 27 2012, 13:11-83713620
SWAT Stories Ep.6 A Dead EndDec 28 2012, 14:58583714475
The Truth is Out ThereJan 09 2013, 21:35310763740
The Truth is Out There (BETA SOUNDS)Jan 15 2013, 20:42-10504040
Backup NOW! (ALPHA VERSION)Mar 07 2013, 17:34-69213880
Hero 4 LifeMar 09 2013, 19:09-65613462
CoD MW3 Survival Mod Lvl. 1 (ONLY TEST)Mar 19 2013, 22:5049553312
SA in War - SA Infiltrating (BETA)Apr 11 2013, 17:29-67213530
SWAT Stories Ep.2 The LVPD InvasionApr 13 2013, 00:23591815412
Say the id of Tanner!Apr 25 2013, 01:57-63411990
SWAT Stories Ep.3 Bloody SurveillanceMay 20 2013, 23:06-78014600
Welcome to LSMay 22 2013, 15:31577713220
First HelpMay 22 2013, 15:31573514220
Roadside AssistanceMay 27 2013, 00:09-90813870
Zombies in Supermarket!!Jun 12 2013, 01:453.6781313094
SA Noire Upon Reflection - Part 1 (BETA)Jul 18 2013, 02:1353166157517
SA Noire Upon Reflection - Part 2 (BETA)Jul 30 2013, 00:395203112276
Weed Field - 8TH MONTH ANNIVERSARY!Aug 10 2013, 22:45578414554
Max Payne 2 - Chapter 2 (BETA)Aug 15 2013, 14:3451320131813
GTA LCS to SA: IntroAug 15 2013, 18:035140014136
1st Screenshot of HL2Aug 19 2013, 01:08587213236
Half-Life 2 (BETA TESTING)Aug 19 2013, 22:534112711994
DobermanAug 20 2013, 16:485351642313
Race for FunSep 02 2013, 22:48581712754
SA Noire Armed and DangerousDec 29 2013, 08:575129114686
Nazi ZombiesJun 28 2014, 20:22316743691
The Walking Dead - #01 (Chapter 01)Jan 30 2017, 20:384.3314386573
The Walking Dead - #02 (Chapter 01)Jan 30 2017, 20:384.3394516132
The Walking Dead - #03 (Chapter 01)Jan 30 2017, 20:384.3394313942
The Walking Dead - #04 (Chapter 01)Jan 30 2017, 20:3936373441
The Walking Dead - #05 (Chapter 01)Jan 30 2017, 20:3925963080
The Walking Dead - #06 (Chapter 01)Jan 31 2017, 18:143.559611522
The Walking Dead - #07 (Chapter 01)Feb 02 2017, 16:42-6219980
The Walking Dead - #08 (Chapter 01)Feb 03 2017, 15:50567710621

Trailer List

Doberman [Made by: GtBorg]Feb 13 2017, 21:51-
DYOM PUZZLE (#6 Contest) WalkthroughJan 25 2018, 15:26-
GTA: Zombie World #5 PlaythroughJan 25 2018, 23:30-
DYOM PUZZLE 2 WalkthroughJan 26 2018, 23:465
Top Down Raid WalkthroughJan 27 2018, 01:16-
GTA: Legends Episode 1 WalkthroughJan 28 2018, 19:14-

Text Tutorial List

How to disappear a car objective in/during a cutsceneApr 11 2013, 17:293178


Added by GtBorg on Mar 09 2013, 20:34
Nick Stories - Backup NOW! (BETA VERSION) in design.
It will release tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.
Added by GtBorg on Mar 09 2013, 20:36
I'm making a alpha, a beta and then a final version of this mission because I'm so busy and it is going to be a great mission...
Added by Zohair Irani on Apr 04 2013, 10:29
Thanks a lot, GtBorg. :)
Added by GtBorg on Apr 04 2013, 16:40
Guys stay tuned for my mission pack ''SA in War''
Added by Zohair Irani on Apr 22 2013, 11:06
My facebook name is : Zohair Irani.
Same as name on this site.
Added by Zohair Irani on Apr 27 2013, 14:28
Do you have any suggestions for ambient music of Tomb Raider?
I will need it for the guardian fight.
Added by Martincho on Jun 17 2013, 22:59
Nice missions man, love your work!
Welcome to my respect list :)
Added by Martincho on Jun 18 2013, 04:07

Hey dude, i posted the concourse... i've left you the link up there so you can participate if you want!
Added by Martincho on Jun 20 2013, 03:50
Hi man, :p
I need some help in DYOM, i don't have any ideas for my next mission and i need help for ideas
Added by Martincho on Jun 20 2013, 03:50
I'm thinking in making a zombie apocalypse storyline
Added by Martincho on Jun 20 2013, 18:49
Thanks for your suggestion, i like Dead Rising and I was thinking in making some kind of storyline about it... but then i thought in that movie "Land Of The Dead" (i don't know if you've seen it) and i started making the storyline of that one... thanks! It's going to be awesome :headbang:
Added by JCGames on Jun 23 2013, 20:20
Ei cara, pode me ajdar com algo. Com q programa voce cria a capa das sas missoes ?
Added by JCGames on Jun 23 2013, 20:20
como a da missao: S.A. Noire Upon Reflection (BETA)
Added by JCGames on Jun 23 2013, 20:21
Manda a reposta no me prefil. Obrigado !
Added by JCGames on Jun 25 2013, 17:21
Obrigado por responder. Vou baixar o programa para ver se aprendo a fazer umas capas melhores. :)
Que bom que esta gostando da minha serie de, the walking dead.
Added by JCGames on Jun 29 2013, 05:56
Ei cara, ja jogou o ultimo episodio de TWD ?
Nesse domingo (30/06) estarei fazendo o upload da ultima missao desse capitulo.
Espero que goste.
Added by JCGames on Jul 03 2013, 23:09
E ai Amigo, acabo de lançar minha versao em ingles do TWD. Confere na minha pagina.
Added by JCGames on Jul 07 2013, 05:51
Ola amigo. Eu estou precisando de um favor. Se nao for muito incomodo !
Será que voce poderia fazer um trailer da minha série TWD, aquela em portugues.
Se nao tiver como, tudo bem !
Espero a resposta na minha pagina.
Added by JCGames on Jul 10 2013, 03:43
Cara, valeu por aceitar fazer o trailer. Me avise quando for lançar.
Obrigado mesmo, amigo.
Added by JCGames on Jul 18 2013, 02:59
Tudo bem! Eu entendo.
Added by JCGames on Jul 18 2013, 03:01
Me da uma força la na missao da semana.
Vote em mim! hehe
Added by Scarface on Aug 05 2013, 20:03
Check out my new Tony Montana mýssýons
Added by Thaz on Aug 06 2013, 09:43
Yes ýt's cool ýf you thýnkýng create Half-Life 2
Do it then I wýll support you.
Added by Scarface on Aug 06 2013, 10:00
Hey,GtBorg Thaz ýs my brother.
Added by Scarface on Aug 07 2013, 10:22
Look you create the HF 2 then I gýve your mýssýons rate and comment thats all ý can do,sorry ( I wanna make my own mýssýons sorry :(
Added by Scarface on Aug 07 2013, 13:12
but you can watch Half life 2 gameplay on youtube then you can create the story that wýll very helpfull *_*
Added by Scarface on Aug 07 2013, 13:14
I make your avg:4.4 ! :)
Added by ryder nigga on Aug 10 2013, 23:02
you added for my respect list
Added by Scarface on Aug 13 2013, 01:59
GtBorg How can you create your own video,wýll you explaýn
Added by QaiserH on Aug 13 2013, 07:30
Good man Great Account
Added by Scarface on Aug 14 2013, 20:04
Hey Check out my new výdeo,It really worse *_*
Added by FRArom on Aug 15 2013, 23:24
I commented on your mission ''Doberman''.
Added by JCGames on Aug 16 2013, 03:03
Pode. Mas eu só peço para colocar meu nick com o seu no lugar do designer da missao. E tambem permissao de postalas na minha pagina.
OK ? Responda na minha pagina.
Added by JCGames on Aug 16 2013, 14:41
Added by JCGames on Aug 16 2013, 14:45
Depois vou postar na minha pagina tambem. Ok?
Added by JCGames on Aug 16 2013, 14:46
Aproposito ja comecei a fazer o capitulo 2, falta pouco.
Estou meio sem tempo, mas em breve vou começar a postar as missoes.
Added by ryder nigga on Aug 18 2013, 23:01
thanks my friend.i just dont understand how you are not dyom designer senior.i mean you have many comments and ratings.dont you stop too.
p.c. did you know to you was my first friend ever on internet?
Added by ryder nigga on Aug 19 2013, 16:31
did was you rate me on my missions?
Added by ryder nigga on Aug 19 2013, 16:31
if you was thank you so much!!!!
Added by GtBorg on Aug 19 2013, 18:37
yes I was
Added by ryder nigga on Aug 19 2013, 23:17
uuuuuuhhhhhh....i cant tell you how grateful i am
Added by JCGames on Aug 24 2013, 22:28
Eae Mano, como vai indo as missoes em ingles do TWD ?
Added by LucayOrlando on Aug 30 2013, 15:01
hey dude thx for putting me in yoh respect list man
Added by GtBorg on Sep 12 2013, 20:21
Added by Target13 on Mar 07 2014, 22:49
Thanks for your comment. :)
Added by GtBorg on Mar 08 2014, 13:43
Np bro. Ur awesome so your missions are like you :D
Added by DragonWarrior [DnW] on Jun 12 2014, 13:34
Hey man. Yeah I 'd like to make up a team, but unfortunatly I've no time like before to cruise around DYOM. So... if you realy want I can.
Added by Huzaifa on Jun 16 2014, 17:43
Thanks, bro for added me in your respectlist :) BTW your missions are cool. Check my profile hope you like my missions :)
Added by Red on Feb 24 2016, 12:45
Suas missões são bem legais, cara. Parabéns.
Added by Roxie on Jan 29 2017, 15:18
Your Missions Are C0oL
Added by GtBorg on Jan 30 2017, 20:42
Thank you, Roxie!
Added by Green Goo on Jan 31 2017, 18:34
Added by Green Goo on Jan 31 2017, 18:41
Hi GtBorg, thanks for all your kindness I hope you lik it
Added by THBP on Jan 31 2017, 20:18
You can feel free to make text or video reviews with all my projects. As a designer you also know how it's important to receive one or two more feedbacks.

Thanks and good luck.
Added by Green Goo on Feb 01 2017, 04:34
Thank for all your efforts GtBorg.
Added by Aftab Adeel on Feb 01 2017, 12:52
Hi DYOM Designers,
It is requested to join GTAForums for the general discussion related to dyom...!
Here's the link for the DYOM section in GTAForums. Sign up to join it.
http://gtaforums.com/forum /263-design-your-own-mission/
Added by Green Goo on Feb 02 2017, 04:30
Well, okay I'll let people come to my mission.
Added by Green Goo on Feb 02 2017, 07:01
Can I ask you something.

How the DYOM designers become a Senior DYOM designer?
Added by Nande Brasileiros on Feb 17 2017, 17:34
oii GtBorg, um Prazer em conhecer, se você Mora em Portugal deve entender um Pouco do Meu Português, sou do Brasil, Gosto Muito das suas Missões. em Breve eu Postarei Missões no Meu Perfil, apareça Qualquer dia lá.
Added by Loko on Feb 21 2017, 14:46
Hi man can you help me out
Added by AndreyTheGamer on Mar 05 2017, 07:34
Your Series Are Awesome! :D
Added by Aftab Adeel on Mar 09 2017, 17:18
Hi there!
There's a weekly contest for dyom designers in which you have to make a mission according to some theme. Please join gtaforums to participate in it
http://gtaforums.com/forum /263-dyom/
Want to ask anything, simply comment in my profile.
Added by Green Goo on Apr 18 2017, 16:54
- Do you love creating missions with DYOM?
- Do you want your mission pack to be famous and get more feedbacks?
- Do you like to compete someone?

MPOTM is the best bit. First create a gta forum account. Second check the MPOTM Office here = http://gtaforums.com/topic/885611-mpotm-office/ . And be a winner!
Added by GtBorg on Dec 02 2017, 22:03
Well I'm in DYOM for 5 years already! It's been a great journey so far, well away for so many time, you may be asking why? Because my login wasn't working! I'll be doing some videos of some missionpacks very soon, so stay tuned for that!
Added by AnDReJ98 on Dec 02 2017, 22:26
Added by Green Goo on Jan 21 2018, 06:53
Nice to see my first missions gameplay recorder is back, hahaha. Battlegrounds is now in the dumping grounds, Green Goo have new Legendary Mission Packs! Try them if you want. ;)
Added by RoOsTeRKiNg on May 14 2018, 14:02
Hey GtBorg! Its been a pleasure talking to you .. Will definitely try out your missions!
Added by Nande Brasileiros on Jun 03 2018, 21:22
Saudações amigo, Lembra de mim?
GtBorg, Eu fiz um Pacote de missões incriveis, queria que você avaliasse Para ver se estão boas, sabe jogar para ver se está divertido, tem audio trilha sonora e tudo, são missões de zumbies cara, você vai adorar

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