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I am now technicallly second year in high school because it is now officially summer vacation,still studying at Regional Science High School for Region III. Big Fan of DYOM, GTA and studying (joke). I really know how to operate DYOM but not inspired to make a good story. #philgrade8rshs3legends
#GTA Fan
-I think of this site as a friendly site. Nearly all members are kind

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World War 3- Part 3(unofficial title)In Progress(20%)World War 3(BETA)
Infinite(series)In Progress(4 missions)N/A


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Zohair Irani
Dutchy3010(for making DYOM)
Rockstar Games(for making the game)
All DYOM User and Designers( except for mean and rude people especially in comments)
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Jan 02 '13
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Mar 29 '13
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MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
SA Chronicles: Civil Wars: TrainingJan 19 2013, 11:31574412803
Walking Dead- PilotJan 24 2013, 12:18569412282
Repo Gang (An Intro)Mar 02 2013, 14:15564610492
World War 3 (First Two Missions (BETA))Mar 29 2013, 07:2659943365

Text Tutorial List

Creating a cutscene with actual voicesMar 17 2013, 13:397283


Added by King on Mar 03 2013, 14:22
Hey EJL242000
Your all missions are cool but they have very small
Added by King on Mar 03 2013, 14:25
Please Increase your mission speed just lesses is with 50 objectives
Keep It Up ,,..[ :-)]
If you need help say me
Added by EJL242000 on Mar 16 2013, 10:54
Tnx King. I really cant work on missions that much because I have school
Added by King on Mar 17 2013, 13:05
EJL just go
Added by yvonne on Sep 21 2013, 14:49
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Yvonne .
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