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Some call me Melon, some call me Doge.
But you may call me MelonDoge

  • Winner of MOTW #230 (Theme - Space)
  • Winner of “Most Promising Storyline/MP” in DYOM Awards 2023 (Rouge Redemption)

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    MembergroupDYOM Designer
    LocationLos Santos
    Birthdate30 November
    Gtaforums.com UsernameMelonDoge30


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    Jul 18 '23
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    May 02 '24
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    4 Avg: 4.2
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    Mission List

    MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
    [MOTW #229] Justice on WheelsAug 16 2023, 21:1456722732
    Episode 1, Prologue [Rouge Redemption]Aug 22 2023, 20:0736922461
    Episode 2, Prologue [Rouge Redemption]Aug 23 2023, 17:21-252500
    [MOTW #230 winner] Quantum RetrievalSep 02 2023, 04:444.57273092


    Added by MelonDoge30 on Apr 07 2024, 05:44
    Much thanks to RedBaron for video walkthroughs and reviews of my first four missions!
    Added by RedBaron on Apr 11 2024, 02:17
    No problem, it was my pleasure, your missions always were the best ones in the MOTW Walkthroughs, besides, it was really fun to review your MP, one tip i'll give you is to find the best lower volume usage for your audios by using audacity, mine use -15db for gameplay audio and -10db for cutscene music audio.

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