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Hey, and welcome to my DYOM profile. My name is LazeR, as you can see. I'm a DYOM Designer, ofcourse.
I've been designing for quite long now, I first discovered DYOM in 2011. And I have been designing since then. Enough of that. Let's take a look on my MPs
My Mission Packs:

GTA: Back To Los Santos (COMPLETE) Released: January, 2013.

Mystery Death (CANCELLED) Reason for cancelling: Ran out of ideas...

Bully: Red County Academy (CANCELLED) Reason for cancelling: Ran out of ideas again.

GTA: Path Of Revenge (COMPLETE) Released: Sept, 2013.

GTA: Hard Time (COMPLETE) Released: Oct, 2013.

Journey To The End (Waiting...)

Afterlife (Work In Progress)

Traits Of War: Operation Iskander (Waiting...)

If you need any help, ask me or my friend PeterHlouda, also known as HloudaCZE


MembergroupDYOM Designer
Birthdate4 Febuary
RespectListLeonCj, Aznkei1, doublepulse,PatrickW,Dutchy,Chimpso,Shark21,Arejai
T13, DragonWarrior, Rendy Specter, ! Smart Dipanshu ! PeterHlouda
Gtaforums.com UsernameMissionDesignerLazeR


Member Stats

Jan 19 '13
Last Login
Jun 23 '15
Missions made
17 Avg: 4.7
Trailers made
11 Avg: 4.9
VideoTuts made
TextTuts made
Comments made
Ratings made
2 Avg: 5.0

Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
End of line (Tenpenny Version)Jan 26 2013, 05:465189517252
Mystery Death (CHAPTER 1)Jan 28 2013, 16:55360017448
Grand Theft Auto : Back To Los Santos (SJan 28 2013, 17:333.572089728
Bully: Red County Academy (Chapter1)Feb 11 2013, 22:28518484986
Grand Theft Auto: Path Of RevengeSep 15 2013, 16:243.75638470114
Grand Theft Auto: Hard Time (WIP)Oct 30 2013, 16:17473279388
(CH1) Journey To The End: Mission #1 - DJan 07 2014, 03:435296020702
(CH1) Journey To The End: Mission #2- BaJan 07 2014, 03:445278620061
(CH1) Journey To The End: Mission #3 - DJan 07 2014, 03:455295621861
(CH1) Journey To The End: Mission #4 - VJan 07 2014, 03:465287120571
(CH1) Journey To The End: Mission #5 - RJan 07 2014, 03:46585512551
(CH1) Journey To The End: Mission #6 - WJan 07 2014, 03:46572314131
(CH1) Journey To The End: Mission #7 - TJan 08 2014, 04:46572913601
(CH1) Journey To The End: Mission #8 - OJan 08 2014, 05:0757612701
(CHAPTER I) Journey To The End: COMPLETEJan 10 2014, 06:53511904732
(CH2) Journey To The End: Mission #9 - MJan 19 2014, 16:29579212331
(CH1) Afterlife: Mission #1 - IntroAug 22 2014, 08:175106713351

Trailer List

GTA Back To Los Santos TrailerJan 19 2013, 22:515
(DYOM) Mystery Death TrailerJan 28 2013, 17:135
GTAPOR TrailerAug 25 2013, 23:175
GTAPOR Trailer 2Aug 31 2013, 14:505
Brandon Cooper TrailerOct 28 2013, 23:125
Dallas Powell TrailerOct 28 2013, 23:124
Wesley Greene TrailerOct 28 2013, 23:135
Trailer!Jan 05 2014, 19:045
Trailer!Jan 05 2014, 19:045
Trailer!Jan 05 2014, 19:045
Trailer!Jan 05 2014, 19:055


Added by Rendy Specter on Jun 19 2013, 01:26
How could you update zipped missions please reply at http://dyom.gtagames.nl/profile/5428
Added by Rendy Specter on Sep 01 2013, 01:23
@Lazer:haha yes because before zizo told me that DYOM site was buggy and now i can reedit my NLAMS zip file sorry for brought you here and btw why you not uploading new mission for both Bully and Mystery Death?I really liked that mission reply fast
Added by LazeR on Sep 02 2013, 17:21
@Rendy Specter. No problem, Bully and Mystery Death. I might start working on them in the future :D
Added by LazeR on Sep 03 2013, 11:56
I will start working on Mystery Death when I'm done with path of revenge.. And I will make a new trailer :)
Added by DragonWarrior [DnW] on Sep 12 2013, 02:32
hi LazeR, if you need any help ask me, I've like to help anyone who need help.
I used to be VergilDD.
Added by LazeR on Sep 12 2013, 12:16
Okay, I will! @DragonWarrior
Added by DragonWarrior [DnW] on Sep 12 2013, 14:30
thnks LazeR.
Added by Saqib Khan Afridi on Sep 13 2013, 09:46
Hi LazeR will you check my mission Medal of Honor 1&2 if you liked please rate it
Added by LazeR on Sep 15 2013, 14:38
Sure, I'll check it out!
@Saqib Khan Afridi
Added by Target13 on Oct 14 2013, 21:11
love your missions! added to Respect List.
Added by LazeR on Oct 28 2013, 19:30
Thank you @T13. Sorry for the late response. I've been busy.
I'll take a look at your missions.
Added by FRArom on Oct 29 2013, 15:18
I hope you have understood what I wanted to say.

I use a translator, my English is perhaps not correct.

I do this for the English player and that understands English.

it allows me to have more you review my missions.
Added by LazeR on Oct 29 2013, 16:40
That's OK. @FRArom. Keep up your good work then! ;P
Added by Target13 on Nov 04 2013, 15:52
Thanks dude, Sorry, I Didn't visit this site in a long time.
Added by ! Smart Dipanshu ! on Jan 06 2014, 04:29
You Are Added To My Respect List Man :)
Added by LazeR on Jan 06 2014, 23:26
Thanks, Smart Dipanshu, I'll add you too :)
Added by Rendy Specter on Jan 16 2014, 08:05
lazer have you seen my new comment in your mystery death mission?If yes why you not comment it?please don't cancel it do you need me to continue your mystery death i can make it real challenging than your original version
Added by darkoverlord234 on Jan 18 2014, 17:43
Make chapter 2 missions lazer!!!!-_- i like Jorney to the end
Added by LazeR on Jan 20 2014, 14:39
Yeah, I'm working on it darkoverlord234!
Added by Huzaifa on Jan 22 2014, 20:10
Hi lazer nice profile and cool missions you made :-)

Can you check my profile hope you like :)
Added by Dhiman on Feb 09 2014, 14:02
Hey Lazer. i hope you may know me. how are you? :)
Added by PeterHlouda on Jun 28 2014, 12:55
Hi L...please..come back to DYOM
Added by abdulrahman on Nov 21 2014, 09:27
this is best levels - and hard time is second best levels = your best dyom levels maker {y}
Added by abdulrahman on Nov 21 2014, 09:36
any one tell me how make name blue or red or yellow please ?
Added by FranzeseGR on Mar 05 2015, 04:55
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Added by GangstaZilla203 on Jun 06 2015, 12:19
are you still making missions lazer? i really think you should finish GTA : Hard Time! that was a really epic mission pack, and it would be awesome if it got finished! really enjoyed it! hope you'll finish it. :D
Added by LazeR on Jun 23 2015, 19:28
@GangstaZilla203 No, I am not making missions at the moment. I did finish GTA: Hard Time, but somehow the last mission was deleted, not sure how.
Added by Alessandro on Jul 18 2015, 12:05
Hello LazeR My Name Alessandro
Added by The show Games on May 01 2016, 19:40
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