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I make dwom missions whenever I have free time and when im not playing mnnn craftft

Currently working on Adventures of Melvin part 5, planning to take part in one of the MOTWs

Discord: https://discord.gg/h8bhyzH7EW


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Nov 17 '23
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Feb 14 '24
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Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
Adventures of Melvin part 1Nov 26 2023, 16:505243873
Adventures of Melvin part 2Nov 26 2023, 20:585247960
Adventures of Melvin part 3Dec 06 2023, 12:465254972
Adventures of Melvin part 4Dec 17 2023, 11:24578641


Added by EnglishPen on Nov 30 2023, 10:48
This dude creates cool missions. Mayesh garnogo Melvina
Added by Tay K on Nov 30 2023, 22:14
Hello there! If you want to enhance your skills and get professional at DYOM then surely join GTAforums and join official DYOM Discord server. https://discordapp.com/invite/XzqxyV7
Added by Mazera on Dec 04 2023, 09:43
@EnglishPen dyakuyu!
Added by EnglishPen on Dec 10 2023, 12:48
@Mazera is there a chance of Melvin rebuilding the tunnel between Demeevka and Lybidska in 2 days?
Added by Mazera on Dec 10 2023, 21:09
@EnglishPen part 4,5 confirmed
Added by EnglishPen on Feb 09 2024, 19:52
Where is part 5 my dude? Kinda miss your stuff tbh
Added by Mazera on Feb 14 2024, 21:52
@EnglishPen join my discord in my desc, ill be keeping everyone updated

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