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Mar 14 '13
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Mar 24 '13
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MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
GTA San Andreas Mayhem :Home in the HillMar 24 2013, 07:3248087868
GTA San Andreas Mayhem :Destruction of EMar 24 2013, 07:3355666504
San Andreas Mayhem: Smiths DonationMar 24 2013, 07:3355977604
GTA Chinatown Wars:The advent of a ninjaMar 24 2013, 07:3357588607
GTACHinatownWars,What a training!!!Mar 24 2013, 07:3355456822


Added by King on Mar 16 2013, 18:24
Trickstar: I want to add you in my friends list if you want to add in my friends list please post back to my wall
Good mission
Keep It Up
Added by Trickstar on Mar 17 2013, 08:45
Ya sure.
Added by King on Mar 20 2013, 13:38
When did you make your second mission of GTA CTW.
Added by King on Mar 20 2013, 13:38
When will you make your second mission of GTA CTW.
Added by Trickstar on Mar 21 2013, 07:07
I will be releasing it today......Just finalising it.......
Added by Ravenclaw on Mar 21 2013, 15:50
nice missions man. i liked them.
Added by Trickstar on Mar 21 2013, 16:29
Thanks.....Your missions were good too....
Added by yvonne on Sep 21 2013, 14:49
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Yvonne .
my email address ( yvonne44love@ yahoo.com )

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