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Crisis of 2019: World War Breakout


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Dragon Warrior[DnW]
Huzaifa Khan





Please notify me about any kind of spam or re-upload in my profile.

Other's Missions that I love to play

The Runaway
Crisis of 2016:Rage of Task Force 141
MW3 Black Tuesday= 1, 2 and 3 (By PortoZero)

Special Note for Wolf247:

Please don't tell me what to do like telling me to stop making missions from Call of Duty. A DYOM user should be as free as a bird. DON'T GET OFFEND..



MembergroupDYOM Designer
Birthdate16th September, 2001
Dragon Warrior[DnW]
Huzaifa Khan
Qaiser H
Gtaforums.com UsernameSSgt.Jack

Sgt.Paul Jackson

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Jul 17 '13
Last Login
Aug 02 '15
Missions made
55 Avg: 3.9
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5 Avg: 4.8

Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
USMC Afghanistan firefightJul 17 2013, 20:21-7318061
Lost in the woods part 1Sep 01 2013, 19:11-6187970
Lost in the woods part 2Sep 01 2013, 19:35-6617060
Iraq War missionpack (DEMO)Sep 11 2013, 12:04-14343241
Operation "Night Ops"Oct 21 2013, 09:264259314531
Department Of Defense: Operation 'JaNov 02 2013, 19:365491725643
Department Of Defense: Tank CommanderNov 03 2013, 14:12-6606530
Department of defense: Unrest continuesNov 05 2013, 17:29-7896790
Department of defense: Unrest continuesNov 05 2013, 17:29-7987490
Department of defense: Crew Expendable Nov 05 2013, 17:34-6157370
S.W.A.T: Operation 'sentry guns'Dec 23 2013, 20:36-6266561
S.W.A.T: Operation 'sentry guns'Dec 23 2013, 20:40-6598240
LV Bikers: The dead bikersDec 30 2013, 09:29-5816610
LV Bikers: The Crime SceneDec 30 2013, 10:17-5566560
LV Bikers: The surprise attackDec 30 2013, 19:50-5257640
Operation RhinoJan 02 2014, 09:11-6628120
Operation Carter FoxJan 02 2014, 20:31-216828472
Operation Searchlight introJan 03 2014, 18:2418177530
Operation Searchlight ep.1Jan 04 2014, 07:33-8248310
Operation Searchlight ep.2Jan 04 2014, 08:34-6767190
Operation: Bloody MorningJan 11 2014, 20:00-6517220
TSA= The Secret AgencyJan 12 2014, 09:27-5617652
TSA= Operation 'Sea-Fish'Jan 12 2014, 10:09-5366230
Operation SearchlightJan 12 2014, 13:04-14326690
Operation Liberty CityJan 13 2014, 08:485387821703
Battle For New YorkJan 16 2014, 20:0746657261
Special Ops#1: Op. Big fishJan 24 2014, 11:04-6706122
MW3 Black Tuesday (Part 1)Jan 28 2014, 16:38-9517960
MW3 Black Tuesday (Part 2)Jan 28 2014, 18:50-46098250
(SAS) Operation Blood Reation pt.1Feb 04 2014, 09:10-5075860
Evil's Eyes: IntroMar 09 2014, 12:50-6137480
Evil's Eyes: Evacuating the villageMar 09 2014, 12:55-4755620
Evil's Eyes: Welcome to Los SantosMar 09 2014, 17:01-5525750
Evil's Eyes: Meeting JessicaMar 09 2014, 19:23-6076190
Evil's Eyes: Finding SurvivorsMar 10 2014, 17:15-5936330
Evil's Eyes: Goodbye Los SantosMar 11 2014, 04:43-5915130
Evil's Eyes: Enter San Fierro (Ch-2)Mar 11 2014, 06:02-5535780
Evil's Eyes: Meet Williams (Ch-2)Mar 11 2014, 08:38-6416570
TF 101: PrologueMar 15 2014, 08:51-4386480
Commandos: IntroductionMar 16 2014, 17:33-5476820
Commandos: The first strikeMar 17 2014, 09:33-4496833
Commandos: The spirit of rebellionMar 17 2014, 11:11-4766320
Commandos: The War beginsMar 18 2014, 19:20-5226880
Invasion of S.A: IntroMar 27 2014, 19:59-5284220
Invasion of S.A: Intro pt.2Mar 28 2014, 10:46-5146860
Invasion of S.A: Mercenaries of the UnitMar 29 2014, 12:30-6036680
Crisis of San Andreas: IntroApr 02 2014, 19:40-4707390
(MOTW #1) Mw3 Scorched EarthApr 16 2014, 20:42-5136030
(MOTW #1) Mw3 Scorched EarthApr 16 2014, 20:4357738642
USMC STORIES: PROLOUGEMay 29 2014, 09:20515576332
Emergency Extraction!Jun 06 2014, 13:28-5701900
Co2019WWb: PrologueJul 16 2014, 19:19-5586610
Co2019WWb: Search for AbdullahJul 19 2014, 13:16-6336030
MOTW#10: Fatal MishapJul 20 2014, 18:442.336818084
Co2019WWb: Firefight cityJul 20 2014, 20:53-5037010


Added by Faizan Alim on Sep 06 2013, 17:28
Please see my profile maybe youlike it http://dyom.gtagames.nl/profile/2736
Added by DragonWarrior [DnW] on Sep 11 2013, 12:20
hi, if u need any help just ask me, ;)
Added by Sgt.Paul Jackson on Sep 27 2013, 11:31
I like missions of war. I don't like anything else. I am currently working with my new storyine based on "Rebels". 4/unknown numbers of missions done.
Added by DragonWarrior [DnW] on Jan 05 2014, 15:01
Does the route starts from the Land or from the mid-air?
Added by jameelamir2005 on Jan 07 2014, 13:22
hey Paul i'm jameelamir2005 i'm a dyom designer can u be my friend i want you to learn how to make the military missions.
Added by jameelamir2005 on Jan 07 2014, 13:35
চমৎকার মিশন!
Added by QaiserH on Jan 09 2014, 12:55
Great Missions
Added by Grovallas on Jan 12 2014, 11:53
Hi Sgt.Paul Jackson. If you want to get inside Marco's Bistro in Liberty City, there's a third-party tool called "SA Teleporter". Just google it and you will find it. It wouldn't just teleport you to inside of Marco's Bistro, but also to anywhere you want to go (in GTA SA).

Note (for usage) : Open the tool after you download it. In the right side of it will shown list of Location in SA. Search for "Inside Marco's Bistro", then press teleport.

And also thanks for
Added by Grovallas on Jan 12 2014, 11:54
Continue : And also thanks for played my mission :)
Added by Grovallas on Jan 12 2014, 11:58
If you want to make a mission in Liberty City, just add some blockage around the solid parts. So you won't fall.
Added by Sgt.Paul Jackson on Jan 12 2014, 20:09
Thanks Grovallas, and thanks to everyone wholike my missions.
Added by Sgt.Paul Jackson on Jan 12 2014, 20:10
And to Dragon warrion= it starts from mid-air.
Added by Sgt.Paul Jackson on Jan 12 2014, 20:11
jameelamir2005 I have no objection being your friend.
Added by Siraj420 on Jan 13 2014, 10:45
Sgt.Paul Jackson hi I am new please can you give me DYOM via Teamviewer 8 please i been looking for it for 2 years plzzzzz because in this website i dont know why i cant download from here !!!!
Added by Sgt.Paul Jackson on Jan 13 2014, 11:02
Look at the left panel. You will see a section named 'DYOM Links'. Click on Download Mod. You should see a new page. Click on 'Download Mod' it is below the screenshots. Click on the latest DYOM V8. Download it. See the readme file and install it. That's all.
Added by DragonWarrior [DnW] on Jan 15 2014, 05:59
Use a object that can place the jet on, and place a actor near it animation set as "Sit in nearest car" and set the route. Then delete the object, in case u should edit the jet or the actor I recommend hiding the object without deleting.

Hope it helps.
Added by DragonWarrior [DnW] on Jan 15 2014, 06:00
If u have any more problems just ask me.
Added by spidermight on Jan 19 2014, 11:17
good missions man, keep it up :)
Added by Wolf247 on Jan 24 2014, 21:23
I see you make good missions man, but don't make those CoD Missions. Not that I'm telling you what to do, but let's face it that there's a sh*tload of CoD remakes. Those BF remakes are good because not everyone makes those, but don't just put a lot of static enemy actors, make them a little more mobile, and don't just put them in big lines, I like your tank mission from BF3.
Added by Wolf247 on Jan 26 2014, 21:11
Me? Well, I do make missions, with a guy named Platinum Card, we just didn't post it on DYOM.
Might as well post it, because Platinum Card can't register for some bug or something.
Added by Sgt.Paul Jackson on Feb 21 2014, 11:31
Sorry guys, my gta sa is crashed and I can't make any more missions. Really sorry. So, I am retiring from DYOM. Thanks for all your supports. I had a good time making missions, Thanks a lot.

Sgt.Paul Jackson
Added by unnamed on Feb 24 2014, 13:24
Ahh! Why You not make mission again?! I really like your mission
Added by Sgt.Paul Jackson on Mar 09 2014, 17:09
Hey guys, I'm back with three new missions! Hope you enjoy!
Added by Huzaifa on Mar 11 2014, 11:34
Hi paul jackson :)
Added by Huzaifa on Mar 11 2014, 11:35
Thank's for add me in your RESPECTLIST my friend :-)
Added by Sgt.Paul Jackson on Mar 14 2014, 18:43
Thanks Huzaifa Khan
Added by QaiserH on Mar 17 2014, 04:37
Great Mission Man
Added by QaiserH on Mar 17 2014, 04:37
And Welcome To My Respect List
Added by QaiserH on Mar 17 2014, 14:09
Your Missions Are Awesone
Added by QaiserH on Mar 19 2014, 03:03
Oh Thanks Paul
Added by DragonWarrior [DnW] on Mar 22 2014, 15:07
What is the mission? Dude?
Added by Wolf247 on Mar 24 2014, 21:32
Paul, are you damn serious? Just erase your game and download a new one. Hell, I even have a link on Piratebay if you need it.
Added by Sgt.Paul Jackson on May 20 2014, 20:38
Added by Huzaifa on Jun 09 2014, 19:54
Very cool profile bro 5/5 :)
Added by Sgt.Paul Jackson on Jun 19 2014, 14:19
Thanks Huzaifa your profile is also cool bro
Added by Wallcroft207 on Jul 16 2014, 10:52
Been a while mate.
Added by Sgt.Paul Jackson on Jul 16 2014, 19:07
Since I did anything? I am back!

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