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Added by Grim Reaper on Jan 08 2012, 18:44
You let the guy who don't have even 1 mission to be a moderator?Silly Admins
Added by Peter on Jan 11 2012, 14:39
AznKei, i would need your help at the end of this year to begin developmenting my huge mission project, RE (Resident Evil) : SA.

Visit my BLOG, petersdyom.blogspot.com.
Added by caio3771 on May 03 2012, 01:10
i have a question...
dyom works on gta alen city?
Added by gtamaniak2145 on Jun 21 2012, 19:05
i like your video reviews
Added by gtamaniak2145 on Jul 17 2012, 18:05
caio3771 Yes dyom works on aLIEN CITY
Added by VergilDD on Sep 09 2012, 18:14
I saw your "Mission Reviewer" topic in GTA Forum. Can you select 1 of my mission and put into it?
Added by Rendy Specter on Sep 12 2013, 13:59
hey aznkei i wanted to ask you below:
1. when you were loading your saved game and before that, you have done modded cj into mio does the player still cj or changed into mio akiyama?
2.please teach me how to make missions in dyom that requires anime skin mod with text tutorial and all requirement written into it.
Added by Rendy Specter on Sep 12 2013, 14:00
3.well yes i needed all that to make my own the very first gta anime in dyom history also making my own gta sa anime edition my moded characters is:
CJ=>Cure White,Sweet=>Haruhi S,BS=>Cure Black,Ryder=>Miku,Kendl=>Konata,Tenpenny=>Kagami,Pulaski=>Mio,Hernandez=>Yui,Paul=>Miyuki,Maccer=>Tsukasa.
I think just that
Added by Wolf247 on Jan 24 2014, 21:31
Hi man, love your mission playtroughs, very nice!
Added by Maaz 45 on Aug 04 2014, 23:11
@Grim Reaper he's a best reviewer!
Added by newlucay on Dec 20 2014, 03:29
Dear AznKei (lol weird name). I Want You To Review or Gameplay Some Of The Missions From My Other Account. The One Where I Forgot The Password And All that Bullshiet. The Account Its Called Lucayorlando. Can You Review (or gayplay) Martincho Adventures. Pliiiiz. If You Do It Thanks Cuz I Luv Yorr Stuff. Ya know?.
Added by newlucay on Dec 20 2014, 03:30
ps: if i write like shit itz bicozz i lak 2
Added by Alessandro on Jul 19 2015, 12:54
Hello AznKei My Name Alessandro
Added by dyomek on Oct 29 2015, 20:40
lawl he only created this account didn't do anything and he is a senior dyom designer? OH COME ON!
Added by megan on Nov 16 2015, 23:33
Added by VenomDYOM on Mar 26 2016, 19:50
AznKei i like your missions!!!
Added by Medda Balkan on Nov 16 2016, 11:17
Aznkei i made 8 mission (on dyom) the families stories so pls can you record my mission i uploaded them to dyom if your interested contact me on Facebook MEDIN OMERSPAHIC thanks a lot for reading this :)
Added by AndreyTheGamer on Mar 03 2017, 17:32
Aznkei Try Out My Mission Pack I Just Uploaded
Added by Fr0st on Mar 04 2017, 23:05
http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=list&search=GTA+United+Mafia This is my 1 chapter of 3 chapters. Please play it

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