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Welcome to my profile, Don't forget to download my missions and have fun playing them.
Currently working on The Invasion Mission Pack.


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The Kovg

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Sep 03 '13
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Sep 19 '13
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MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
The Begining Of The EndSep 03 2013, 11:32-3784450
The InfectedSep 03 2013, 15:20-3894330
Battle For Fort CarsonSep 03 2013, 19:05-3474312
Battle For Fort Carson [EDITED]Sep 04 2013, 10:38-3664361
A New HopeSep 04 2013, 21:53-3424110
New AlliesSep 05 2013, 16:47-3244810
The Traitor Part 1Sep 19 2013, 16:37-3894460


Added by DragonWarrior [DnW] on Sep 05 2013, 06:08
hey Kovg, if u need any help on mission designing or any other ask me, i'm an expert ;). I was here since 2011.
Added by The Kovg on Sep 07 2013, 12:07
Thanks, I need some help on mission Battle For Fort carson, the people that i used as friendly gang doesn't follow the player at all, can you help me solving this problem?
Added by Martincho on Sep 16 2013, 04:37
Sorry for keeping you waiting, i didn't see your comment
Yeah, I couldn't fix chapter 11 because i don't have the files to edit it :(
When you try to escape to LV, your friend says that he was infected but he didn't want to tell you, and you must kill him, well that's a sad part of the story where you kill him
Added by The Kovg on Sep 19 2013, 16:16
yes indeed it it is a sad part D:
Added by DragonWarrior [DnW] on Sep 27 2013, 06:49
Do u still have that problem where the gang doesn't follow the player? If so, see whether if the actors are friends and follow player then make sure that the actors spawn after the player spawns.

And plz reply in my profile, that's why it took so long to me to reply.

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