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Yo! Dudes!

Thanks for watching my profile and downloading missions. If you download mission - don't forget rate it!


I'm 17 years old DYOM Designer.
I started creating missions when I 13.
My missions often are in English.
I love Queen!
The other rock bands are cool too!
I live in Poland. I speak Polish, English and Deutsch (German).


I write something about my missions:
- My missions usually are long,
- I use colored dialogs: green - protagonist, blue - friend, red - enemy, yellow - other,
- I creating missions when I have got a time,
- Now, I working about this:

Season 2
Work stopped - you do not rate this!



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Sep 09 '13
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Mar 11 '17
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Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
Sniper: The BeginningDec 20 2016, 20:1447429710
Sniper: Bikers' RobberyDec 20 2016, 20:1457869371
Sniper: The MeetingDec 20 2016, 20:142.56649261
Sniper: Italian BattleDec 20 2016, 20:14-6989840
Sniper: Escape from HellDec 20 2016, 20:14-7748870
Sniper I [DSL]Dec 20 2016, 20:14514924531


Added by DragonWarrior [DnW] on Sep 10 2013, 16:43
hi, if u need any help on dyom just ask me ;) I'm a 2 years experinced guy, in short professional ;)
Added by Yuri on Sep 10 2013, 21:54
Ok, thanks.
Added by xxGTAXIVxx on Sep 10 2013, 22:30
Hello, Yo Know... Your mission is sooo goood!... I'm going introduce you in my Respect List..
Added by DragonWarrior [DnW] on Sep 11 2013, 13:51
when u ar replying to someone go to that guys profile and reply if not, the guy u replied won't see ur reply unless he come back to ur profile.

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