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Added by yvonne on Sep 21 2013, 14:42
My name is Yvonne, a single girl, i like making friend that is why i write you after been attracted to your profile at dyom, i will appreciate if you reply me only to my email address ( yvonne44love@yahoo.com ) so that from my email i can tell you about me and a picture, am waiting now for your mail .
Yvonne .
my email address ( yvonne44love@ yahoo.com )
Added by QaiserH on Feb 04 2014, 06:37
Hi MAn!
Added by livina on Mar 04 2014, 11:24
I'm livina I found your contact while surfing the Internet and I picked interest in getting in contact with you so as to know you better. I wish to be in relationship with you and may be discover ourselves as real friends/partners. If you're interested then write me back here at livinamoses@hotmail.com I will be happy seeing a good response from you so that i can send you my pi
cture and tell you more about me.
Thanks and remain blessed.

Added by Julietbaby on Sep 20 2014, 20:02
My name is miss Juliet,love your profile, and there's something important about me i
will like to share with you.please send me message directly to my email address(Julletkamala@yahoo.com)
Thanks Juliet.

A nevem Miss Juliet, szeretem a profil, és van valami fontos Magamról
is szeretnék megosztani you.Please küldjenek üzenetet közvetlenül az email címem (Julletkamala@yahoo.com)
Köszönet Juliet.

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