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Hello There!

My name is Sydeorable and i design and playing missions... I'll give a shoutout to my man AznKei xD!
First time i heard about DYOM was a year ago... I really wanted to make missions and it had to take me a couple of weeks to figure out how is this working... I was so persistent that persistent has bring me here... Well i only have two missions uploaded which are let's say horror mission! Wrong Turn pt.1 and 2. You can play em at these links: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/28403


MembergroupDYOM Designer
RespectListWell most of all i respect AznKei... A great mission player and comentator...

Other People that i respect are:


And more of em but i can't remember now xD!
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Oct 07 '13
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Aug 29 '14
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MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
Wrong Turn 2 (Horror mission)Oct 11 2013, 21:53525913702
Wrong Turn (Horror mission)Oct 11 2013, 21:55537625637

Trailer List

Wrong Turn 1 gameplay by AznKeiApr 16 2014, 21:045
Wrong Turn 1 gameplay by AznKeiApr 16 2014, 21:064.5


Added by Alessandro on Jul 21 2015, 10:53
Hello Sydeorable My Name Alessandro

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