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Add me at Gmail: tandukarbidhan@gmail.com
Skype me: bidhan.tandukar
Check out my cool website: http://rivalsrage.enjin.com
Subscribe me @Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCATy2utWVh6oyWE5ddl026g
Vote for my server here: http://minecraft-mp.com/server-s81844


MembergroupDYOM Designer
LocationJawalakhel, Lalitpur, Nepal
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Bidhan Tandukar

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Oct 28 '13
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Jan 15 '16
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12 Avg: 3.9
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Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
S1 Mission#1 Killing CJ's MomMay 20 2015, 10:3037478681
S1 Mission#2 Killing The Ballas BossMay 20 2015, 10:3036138222
S1 Mission#3 The Drug Dealer [Fixed]May 20 2015, 10:3035907301
S1 Mission#4 Chasing a Rich StrangerMay 20 2015, 10:3055797741
S1 Mission#5 Robbing in CJ's HomeMay 20 2015, 10:3036497521
S1 Mission#6 Revenge for RobbersMay 20 2015, 10:3056117691
S1 Mission#7 FBI are Watching YouMay 20 2015, 10:3036538311
S1 Mission#8 Ending the Case ForeverMay 20 2015, 10:3055787121
Story 1 - S1 Mission#1 - #8 FULL PACK [FMay 20 2015, 10:3136091681
S2 Mission#1 Starting A New LifeMay 20 2015, 10:3145357781
S2 Mission#2 Saving The PresidentMay 20 2015, 10:31575913571
S2 Mission#3 Sleeping Dogs w/ Claude SpeMay 20 2015, 10:3155617861


Added by Bidhan Tandukar on Oct 28 2013, 22:10
Download all my 8 missions because it is a short story gameplay. Download all parts and play. If you download only 1 or few parts but not all than you will not understand the story.
Added by Dhiman on Apr 02 2014, 15:50
Welcome to DYOM, checkout my profile.
Added by Bidhan Tandukar on May 18 2015, 15:06
Im active again after inactive of 2 years because I was busy playing GTA IV, Sleeping Dogs, Watch Dogs, Minecraft & making youtube videos! And Im back and made another new mission! Please Download All my missions because ITS REALLY FUN!!! The first 10 missions were made when I was newbie so dont hate it because its still Fun! Hope you guys enjoy it! Please Hit that rate button for my work! :D
Added by Jhandave on May 20 2015, 08:47
Hey, man, nice missions you've got there, check mine, tell me your opinion, and i'll appreciate it.
Added by PaigeMackenzieHyland on May 20 2015, 08:59
Can you fix Mission#3 The Drug Dealer? There are some errors at last when you have to go to kill the fake Drug dealer but the dealer seem to be nowhere, I cant complete that mission.
Thank You!
Added by Bidhan Tandukar on May 20 2015, 09:02
+PaigeMackenzieHyland , Sure! I will fix it soon when I got time. Thank you for reporting it! :D
Added by Bidhan Tandukar on May 20 2015, 10:35
NEWS: I Fixed the S1 Mission#3 The Drug Dealer so please re-download it to play the actual mission! & Please re-download Story 1 - S1 Mission#1 - #8 FULL PACK too because S1 Mission#3 The Drug Dealer was not fixed in that pack!
Added by Bidhan Tandukar on May 20 2015, 10:38
Thank You All For Downloading My Missions! And Please Report me if any missions contains errors & DON'T RE-UPLOAD MY MISSIONS CREDITING YOURSELF IMPOSING ITS YOUR OWN WORK!!! [Just Dont Do That]
It Is CoPyRiGhT!!!

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