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"Waitin' for a new version." Some objects and actors are still missing. Study how Rockstar made multiple objectives work. Never Give Up! You made GTA San Andreas the best GTA in the series!


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Agent J

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Added by livina on Mar 04 2014, 16:51
I'm livina I found your contact while surfing the Internet and I picked interest in getting in contact with you so as to know you better. I wish to be in relationship with you and may be discover ourselves as real friends/partners. If you're interested then write me back here at livinamoses@hotmail.com I will be happy seeing a good response from you so that i can send you my pi
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Thanks and remain blessed.

Added by Agent J on Aug 03 2014, 08:34
Will start working on my story next year, starting January 1. I promise u guys it will be a good one, PROMISE!
Added by ProDX34 on Aug 03 2014, 08:54
hey man, so glad you like some of my missions. I currently working in my latest racing storyline named "Life with Full Speed", might be done at this week. check the forum for more details.
About grammatical, i already have someone to help me, so you don't need to do it.
Added by L0Ljosh234 on Aug 03 2014, 10:01
I see you're from the Philippines as well. Anyways, thanks for welcoming me.
Added by Agent J on Oct 05 2014, 09:55
stil no updates? Well, I got a suggestion. Make an actor animation just like the player animation thing. Some things are still missing. I used MEd to find the missing objects, and you're missing a LOT. Anyways, that's all for this month...

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