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Hello Everyone! Welcome To our Profile! Qaiser KD ProDuction. I Hope It will Be the First DYOM Profile Which Is Owned By Two DYOM Designers. YES! It is. This Profile Is Owned by Dhiman (KD) and His Friend QaiserH. So We are working Together on Making missions ONLINE!

Yeh! We Make Missions Online! Wanna Join us? Click Here! (Free Accounts)

So If you Need any Help From us,You Can!

Please Checkout Our Facebook Page - Click Here!

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Mission Impossible
Fight And Amazing Effects in this mission
In Progress

Fight And Better Dialogues
On Hold

Battlefield Bad Company
Just Fight And Amazing Guns With Amazing Animation
On Hold

IGI(Main Missions)
Fight In This Mission And It Have Precfect Mission To Be Played
On Hold

More Details later! Stay tuned...


MembergroupDYOM Designer
LocationIndia . Pakistan (Both)
RespectListWatch the respect List of QaiserH and Dhiman.
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Qaiser KD Production

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Dec 21 '13
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Sep 16 '15
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Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
The Bad Luck(PT1)Jan 01 2014, 05:54560810651
The Bad Luck(PT2)Jan 01 2014, 05:55555111321
The Bad Luck(PT3)Jan 01 2014, 05:56558510311
The Bad Luck(PT4)Jan 01 2014, 05:57560313472


Added by Qaiser KD Production on Dec 23 2013, 13:36
Waiting For Mission Uploading Soon
Added by Huzaifa on Dec 25 2013, 07:58
No, I live in karachi and your profile is cool:-)
Added by Huzaifa on Dec 25 2013, 08:24
And your mission US.ARMY and PAK.ARMY are very cool.And now I am waiting for your next mission which will design dhiman and you togather:D
Added by Huzaifa on Jan 01 2014, 11:00
Sorry qaiserh I am not in a facebook
Added by The Dyom Master on Jan 19 2014, 18:27
Welcome Man And Great Profile
Added by RedStarRising on Feb 28 2014, 13:16
Qaiser KD Production Do you mind if i test your missions
and record them? i won't take any credit for the missions-it all will go to you
Added by Qaiser KD Production on Jun 25 2015, 07:05
Kumohon Tidak Ada Tetapi sapu rusak
Added by Alessandro on Jul 23 2015, 16:08
Hello Qaiser KD Production My Name Alessandro

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