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RespectListGrim Reaper - He will always have my respect!
ACA!!! - My brother
zimmer370 - ACA's and my best friend
And everyone who respect me!
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Jan 12 '12
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Added by ArgoN on Mar 01 2012, 20:36
Fuck you niggers!
Added by General Scrotum on Mar 08 2012, 18:51
No, racism is not allowed. Just to answer your question.
Added by General Scrotum on Mar 12 2012, 17:30
Because it can get you banned and people will not like you. Just to answer your other question.
Added by AnDReJ98 on Mar 13 2012, 15:55
Are you serious? Are you kidding me friend? Grim Reaper is largest ENEMY on DYOM forums!! Anyway,you must change your profile destiption,and remove that f**king picture!
Be good guy,don't be like Grim Reaper was okey? Or you gonna get banned.
Added by zimmer370 on Mar 14 2012, 21:25
Sta to radis brate? Ako ovde vidis bar jednog rasistu sem tebe ubij me sutra na stadionu! I druze smiri se, ja te necu prijaviti, ali brate ne ko drugi hoce! Kazi Secronom President-u sta si sve pisao na nalogu Nitesh aka AAAAAAAA-a ako smes! Banovace te, smiri se.
Added by AnDReJ98 on Mar 15 2012, 20:42
Serbian: Razumem sve,sve je uredu.

English: I understand all,all it's okey.
Added by SithLord on Mar 28 2012, 15:15
Nazi,eh?They were good,that bastards.
Added by PIKIO on Apr 07 2012, 20:53
Argon od kud znas ko sam ja :D

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