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Survival of the Fittest ch.1

By Mati

Survival of the Fittest chapter one: Sands of Death V1.0

The story drops us into the shoes of Danny Lopez, a member of the powerful Latin Lords in San Fierro which has gotten the task to buy cocaine from the Italian Mafia together with his brother. It's supposed to be an easy exchange which ended up as an act of betrayal and death of Danny's brother. Danny himself has been left for dead in the middle of the empty desert without any resources. Soon he gets connected to many friends in the wastelands and works for them with keeping the revenge in the back of his head. Unfortunately he will be contacted to government agents, wild bikers. crazy and deadly robbers and much much more. Afterwards follows a trip trough the whole state of San Andreas to build an Empire and payback his brother's death. Will Danny survive this crazy, gruesome adventure?

The Story will be split into 5 chapters, each chapter has a total of 8 missions (Intro, 6 missions, Outro). Hope you will be a


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Added by DyomDevil on Nov 27 2011, 17:01
isnt this a mobb deep song?
here's the link:

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