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Hitman Chapter 1

By Nitesh aka AAAAAAA

Its a story about a hitman given the code 002. He is one of the best the organisation has. He can do anykind of job. From simply sniping from a distant place to inflitrating a highly guarded area. All you need to give him is the description of the hit and agent 002 will make sure he is dead. Hitman gets all his calls from th Agent 001 who is unknown to any of the hitman. The only way they can distinguish the call of 001 is from the code that is seen on the special phones given to all the hitmen.


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Added by DyomDevil on Nov 15 2011, 15:53
it is a great idea to make a hitman storyline.the only thing
i didn't like,was that i can't find the targets.actors,checkpoints
anything.make some markers so people can find the objectives.
Added by Nitesh aka AAAAAAA on Nov 20 2011, 11:13
There are no markers only in the first few missions. The other missions have markers.
Added by sayooj rockstar on Nov 25 2011, 02:52
cool missions dude, i'd really like it. 3stars for you
Added by Nitesh aka AAAAAAA on Nov 25 2011, 09:59
Thanks man
Added by octavian on Dec 27 2011, 14:40
5 stars i love that story .Did you will make more ?
Added by Nitesh aka AAAAAAA on Jan 02 2012, 07:36
I have already made the second chapter. Check out the link I have given in the description so that you can find the link. Thanks for the comment.
Added by Nitesh aka AAAAAAA on Jan 02 2012, 07:38
Oops sorry, just noticed there is no link in the description. here's the link:gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=478339
Added by octavian on Jan 02 2012, 13:59
did you make chapter 3 please i really like your missions
Added by Nitesh aka AAAAAAA on Jan 03 2012, 15:09
Chapter 2 is the last. Glad you enjoyed the missions. :)
Added by octavian on Jan 03 2012, 19:05
ok thanks can you make more stealth spy missions ?
Added by Nitesh aka AAAAAAA on Jan 05 2012, 08:01
I will be starting a new story after some time, but it's main theme is not stealth, but it may include some element of stealth and spy.
Added by octavian on Jan 05 2012, 13:06
ok thanks
Added by Grim Reaper on Jan 11 2012, 21:27
You son of a bitch, my computer crashed and have blue screen of death, you motherfucker piece of shit
Added by ! Smart Dipanshu ! on Oct 05 2013, 06:15
How To Find 2nd Briefcase In Agent 001 ? Please Post Reply On My Profile !

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