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Things to Do in Las Venturas (Chapter 1)

By SevilleCheng (non-member)

This is the Chapter 1 of my Things to Do in Las Venturas series.
Mr. Cheng was famous as the president of Rainy Day Boys in LV. He has a son named Seville Cheng who studied in The School, which was built by Mr.Cheng's grandparents.
In 2041,when Seville was 23,Mr.Cheng took him and some of his schoolmates to SF in order to find and kill his enemy's leader, Mr.Wang. Unluckily, after they killed him ,one of Seville's classmate, Franklin Han, betrayed them and killed Mr.Cheng. Since that, they were left in SF. They are: Seville, Waunny, Lee and Leon.
5 years passed, Lee, with his excellent driving skill, has become "the Rocket Racer" in the city. Leon bought a car palace, Seville and Waunny become racers, too. Finally, Seville and Waunny got a chance to return. After they reached the city, they're told that their family businesses are being taken by a new gang, Bad Tea Boys.
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Added by syarul on Mar 25 2012, 10:03
this is the best dyom you made.!!
Added by RAGAYUJ GOGOI on Jul 11 2012, 08:11
The mod is too cool.!

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