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Codename: Zulu - The Complete Series

By Mattatatta

Codename: Zulu
by Mattatatta

Requirements: - This is VERY important!
-DYOM V5 or higher
-Does not support DYOM V6's Storyline feature

Winner of "Best Storyline" in the 2011 DYOM Awards

"I always wanted to be a hero... but I began to forget who the bad guys were."

You are Agent Zulu, a new operative in the secret government organisation known as the Falling Angels. Headed by Toreno, the Falling Angels undergo numerous missions on U.S. soil in the fight against crime, terror, and ultimate chaos.

However, an organised Russian terror group has risen within San Andreas, and threatens to bring civil war and terror upon the entire U.S. As a member of the F.A.T.F. (Falling Angels Task Force), you must bring this group down by any means necessary, just do not reveal your identity nor the existence of the Falling Angels.

With a storyline spanning four Acts and 22 incredible missions, Codename: Zulu aims to be the DYOM series that will define DYOM creation and play by pushing the very program to its limits, and offering gameplay that is almost unheard of. With each mission varying in length from between 3 minutes to 20 minutes; offering a mix of stealth, driving, and shooting, and everything in between; and an engaging plot featuring developed characters and events; Codename: Zulu will have players amazed even after the final mission is complete.


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Added by GTAGamer1998 on Oct 27 2011, 02:09
Great mission! Thanks Mattatatta
Added by Mati on Oct 27 2011, 18:58
You're a legend dude. I almost feel bad for my missions being pinned along with yours while yours are much more awesome.
Added by KaRzY6 on Oct 28 2011, 08:04
One question, how do you make the series in one whole pack?
Added by Mattatatta on Oct 28 2011, 18:34

I assume you mean how I got all the mission files uploaded to one page on this site. I simply put all of the mission files into a .rar and uploaded here to the Missions section.

If you mean how I got 22 missions to be playable, well I split them up into four "Acts", you simply play the missions from the first "Act", then when you're done, you delete them and replace them with the missions from the next "Act" and so on.

You can even replace mission files while sti
Added by KaRzY6 on Oct 29 2011, 00:40
I mean the first one. How do I get a .rar??
Added by Mattatatta on Oct 29 2011, 06:03
Use a program such as WinRAR or 7-Zip
Added by KaRzY6 on Oct 30 2011, 09:12
Would it be a winRAR ZIP archive or a winRAR archive?
Added by Mattatatta on Oct 30 2011, 22:26
Just double click on the downloaded archive, and if it asks you what to use to open it, point it to WinRAR. The program will open it.
Added by KaRzY6 on Nov 01 2011, 07:07
Anyway it was a very nice mission-pack. good work. BEST mission designer!!!!!!!!! =D
Added by umuts on Nov 01 2011, 16:43
Great missions dude
Added by Nick13 on Nov 02 2011, 11:26
Added by [S]hark21 on Nov 03 2011, 02:09
Best mission ever!!
Added by DyomDevil on Nov 03 2011, 17:45
thanks very much.you are a great designer.
Added by General Scrotum on Nov 04 2011, 19:19
No, he is not a great designer... He is the best designer! Well, for this kind of mission pack's theme, in my opinion. ;)

Keep up the awesome job, and I seriously hope you start to design a new mission pack soon. :)
Added by GTAIVFan17 on Nov 06 2011, 15:14
@Mattatatta The mission "Countdown To The Apocalypse: Part One" Will fail when i destroy the second SAM site. I evan used the other DYOM files. It's the same. Why is it failing?
Added by Mattatatta on Nov 06 2011, 18:00

Unfortunately all I can suggest is that you play the game with no modifications installed except for CLEO and DYOM, and then try the mission again. If that still doesn't help and you have tried everything you can think of to finish the mission normally, then your next option is to find the notepad document in the mission pack that contains the entire story. Just scroll down to where "Countdown To The Apocalypse: Part One" is summarised and read up on what you have missed, and then
Added by Mattatatta on Nov 06 2011, 18:01
Comment derped, continuing:

and then play the next mission. I wrote the spoiler guide for situations like this, so people who cannot finish a certain mission can still follow the story and catch up on whatever they miss.
Added by [S]hark21 on Nov 18 2011, 03:52
When I play Apocalypse Part One ,how you make an objective to destroy the SAM site? The thing that can Auto Rocket Launcher at the army place? Hope you understand
Added by Mattatatta on Nov 19 2011, 02:44
That's a secret ;)
Added by [S]hark21 on Nov 19 2011, 16:17
I want to know that 'secret' >.
Added by Mattatatta on Nov 19 2011, 19:18
Just think outside the box, there's no way to make an object an objective within DYOM's menus, but there is a way to make it happen with clever use of manipulation and overall illusion
Added by Gilang4321 on Nov 24 2011, 15:19
I Like This Misiion z:) :)
Added by Galactic on Dec 01 2011, 13:44
Played the Missions and Great job.
Added by MatRix on Dec 02 2011, 23:36
Great missions , I Love it
Added by DyomDevil on Dec 05 2011, 15:52
i liked the ending missions of each act.
Added by M4tt2k44 on Dec 07 2011, 13:16
Brilliant, Nicejob.
Added by john12 on Dec 08 2011, 08:03
FREAK! I will play this for sure. :D
Added by [S]hark21 on Dec 11 2011, 13:54
You must play it this storyline john12
It was f*cking awesome!!
Mattatatta is a legend designer :D
Added by KaRzY6 on Dec 12 2011, 01:00
Shark, h's more than a legend. He's the best of the best. The best designer in DYOM history. =D

Mattatatta, when you making a new series???
Added by [S]hark21 on Dec 12 2011, 09:03
Gotta agree with you K6 He is the best of the best
And again same question as K6
When you gonna make a new series
Added by DSB250 on Dec 16 2011, 14:15
Very nice storyline..
Added by ELDRIN2389 on Dec 19 2011, 10:13
Added by Prince on Dec 20 2011, 11:17
Damn good storyline dude...
Added by qarloz123 on Dec 21 2011, 20:41
Hey Bro! i got a question
How u do this : ZULU : in blue name and Toreno in yellow
tell me please.. also, how u Made Talk.. i can make my actors call like ... example.. Toreno : Hey ZUlu : Wath?
Tell me if u can..
Thanks, nice mission dude
Added by Peter on Dec 23 2011, 04:18
damn ur mission is to good. im jealous XD
Added by TheXProyect on Dec 23 2011, 04:53
Added by Michael Knight on Dec 23 2011, 10:46
Nice Mission
Added by Peter on Dec 29 2011, 16:30
How do you make cutsene,with a person kill a person?
Added by batXdyom on Jan 07 2012, 15:32
awwwwwwwwweeeeeeeesssssssooooommmmmmeeee bro u make me mad bro awesome i played it all act its awesome
Added by Mike666 on Feb 04 2012, 08:47
Played full act I already,Looks good so far nice storyline.
Good job.
Added by Omar57844 on Feb 10 2012, 16:02
legends like you r geniuses!! I wish I was you
Added by lee_atsugai on Feb 15 2012, 13:26
the best mission i ever played!
and this one, is the legendary storyline
Added by zen123 on Feb 18 2012, 09:32
You Are The Best Designer! And Your Pack Of Missions
Are Awesome!.
Added by Ristar101 on Feb 18 2012, 11:06
Woot the legend still continues awsome
You are the best mission designer I have ever met.
Added by harman on Mar 09 2012, 07:19
Added by harman on Mar 09 2012, 15:08
cool missions
Added by frankenstein on Mar 18 2012, 09:32
Added by roach123 on Mar 22 2012, 01:04
Added by gtadarknight on Mar 26 2012, 00:34
COOL MEN!!!!!! god storyline and all of the misiions thanks men ;)
Added by Nice300~ on Mar 27 2012, 18:45
how you do that missions?
Added by Danini on Mar 29 2012, 10:24
this is AWESOME!
Added by Rony Banks on Apr 03 2012, 00:45
What dowloader here?
Added by God[E]x13 on Apr 07 2012, 17:49
i Won the whole game Sucsessfully.
Thanks Man you Rock
Added by Ariel on Apr 11 2012, 14:26
it tooks a long time
Added by Janith6 on Apr 13 2012, 13:02
This is the best storyline I ever see.I played this two times and it's really amazed me.Why don't you desin a serias 2 or.....something.I think all of the members are glad to see it !
Added by Janith6 on Apr 13 2012, 13:03
This is the best storyline I ever see.I played this two times and it's really amazed me.Why don't you desin a serias 2 or.....something.I think all of the members are glad to see it !
Added by Janith6 on Apr 13 2012, 13:10
Are you used any out side resources to edit the mission ?.I can't understand some things like, destroying the Sam Sites.There is no resources with DYOM to do that.
Added by S.T.A.R.K. on Apr 14 2012, 19:45
Keep up the good work ;)
Added by Alcatraz123 on Apr 18 2012, 20:53
Is This Mission Supported DYOM v6.1 NOT DYOM v.6.0 Storyline Features..TELL ME PLEASE!!!
Added by Mysterious on Apr 28 2012, 21:32
Gotta love this series.
I just hate how you had to put RPGs into every single dark corner >u
Added by spyros123 on May 07 2012, 10:06
How are you doing so good missions? xD
Added by commentman on May 19 2012, 08:47
Best Missions Ever!!! :)
Added by Wichitoo on May 21 2012, 21:57
Good missions, it was fun. By the way, how do you put colon mark (:) in dyom?
Added by gtamaniak2145 on Jun 07 2012, 21:47
Added by SithLord on Jun 20 2012, 18:36
That's it?
Added by srbin97 on Jun 23 2012, 19:23
Great misions
Added by kameshs sahu on Jun 29 2012, 05:57
Please made a misson fr me and name your misson as kamesh misson
Added by Mohammed123 on Jul 11 2012, 00:21
Added by jehudatristan on Jul 12 2012, 10:11
how do you download
Added by bitan1997 on Jul 14 2012, 05:31
steps to download
1.at first click on the codename zulu. rar
2. then copy all the missions of first part and paste it on your gta san andreas user files
3. then make sure you dyom 5.1
Added by bitan1997 on Jul 14 2012, 05:32
mattata u are genius
Added by buttboy on Jul 25 2012, 07:14
nice 100000000000000000000000000%
Added by RapperuOG on Jul 31 2012, 15:54
Man,how did you secured the missions,i mean,when you load these missions, there is one single objective(objective0),and then the mission starts by itself.Thats really cool.And one more thing:How did you created the plane and adding the flying sound in it,and of course the sound from the ship(first mission)That was epic.I hope you'll tell me! You are a great designer!
Added by buttboy on Aug 01 2012, 23:54
Added by StuntmanDYOM on Aug 10 2012, 09:51
how to make it so you have like 2 objectives at a time (enemies)
Added by Zizo008 on Aug 12 2012, 17:17
Best quality mission I ever played.
However, the difficulty is TOO DAMN HIGH!
I try them like OVER 9000 times! especially the "battle on the bridge" one!
Added by arvis8462 on Aug 14 2012, 17:50
awesome mission
Added by drakath619 on Aug 18 2012, 07:57
cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooll STORYLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME STORYLINE!!!!! THANKS FOR CREATING A STORYLINE LIKE THIS Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool One!!.
Added by drakath619 on Aug 18 2012, 08:00
Please try my missions mattatta their notso good but try them:http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/20672 and two more:http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/20671 and the last:http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/20670
Added by roach123 on Aug 29 2012, 14:41
I ALWAYS Like This Mission Man.
Added by tufferke on Aug 31 2012, 01:51
You should make Games!
Added by Galactic on Sep 25 2012, 03:51
I really enjoyed the Missions, respect.
Added by daniels0010 on Nov 02 2012, 17:40
Please, tell me how you get your missions autorun! When I click on your missions in the missions menu, then it already starts the missions! Please tell me how you do that!
Added by dyom fan nunber1 on Nov 14 2012, 16:51
'm from another country a Brazilian I will download their missions hope this is a mission for which optimal about you you should be an awesome creator of missions
sorry for by bad englysh
eu sou de outro pais um brasileiro eu irei baixar suas missoes espero que essa seja uma otima missão pelo que dizen de voce voce deve ser um otimo criador de missoes
Added by Zohair Irani on Nov 27 2012, 16:48
Your Missions were Epic....
But I have a doubt...How do you Make objective to Destroy the SAM sites?Do you Hide any vehicle in it or what? that was a truly great idea ;)
Added by BEST IN THE WORLD on Dec 21 2012, 09:17
Man, your a best mission designer to create it, your the BEST IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Added by Faizdon123 on Dec 25 2012, 04:39
Good mission
Added by GtBorg on Dec 28 2012, 13:42
Awesome missions Mattatatta
Added by GtBorg on Dec 28 2012, 13:44
Awesome missions Mattatatta
Added by tufferke on Jan 01 2013, 02:44
I need professional help. I am about to start a storyline about you starting a gang, with wich you will rob several banks and casino's. What should be a good name for the pack?
Added by shahin_shaterzadeh on Jan 16 2013, 20:36
Added by Ravenclaw on Feb 13 2013, 14:30
Man, if it were possible, i would give 10 star rating!!! Legendary missions!
Added by King on Feb 25 2013, 16:24
Awesome mission you make
You have be able to take prize because your awesome designer please male more mission i like it
Added by King on Feb 25 2013, 16:25
Glad to give 5 star
Added by EJL242000 on Mar 07 2013, 12:00
Added by Chips237 on Mar 09 2013, 08:41
A lot of missions were broken by v7.
Added by EJL242000 on Mar 11 2013, 14:15
BEST MISSION EVER. There is absolutely no mission better than this one. 5 stars
Added by EJL242000 on Mar 11 2013, 14:23
how do you make the player break the SAM sites? Is it a hidden actor or what? Pls. tell me, its super cool. DYOM doesn't have the capability to make objective on breaking objects actually within the game
Added by Zohair Irani on Apr 13 2013, 10:35
Is this series compatible with v7? I want to try out all your missions again.
(btw I have made the 100th comment.)
Added by King on Apr 28 2013, 20:44
Happy 100 Comments
Added by Gamelord on May 02 2013, 11:51
That's all!
Added by Tony Stark on May 17 2013, 05:57
The Best Storyline I ever played please download my mission codename A.G.E.N.T.
Added by stasko21 on May 17 2013, 10:19
THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Added by MRBalla1337 on Jun 20 2013, 17:32
Countdown to apocalypse part 2 is almost impossible without cheats!
Added by MRBalla1337 on Jun 20 2013, 17:36
P.S theres too much rpg guys and minigunners
Added by Rick Stiven on Sep 03 2013, 17:50
Too much RPGs, unfortunately it can't be played in v7 due to "explosion" (object) going all at the same time.
Added by Steve Even on Nov 16 2013, 11:04
Wow this is the best mission ever :D
Added by The Dyom Master on Jan 17 2014, 17:05
Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrry Great Stroyline Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I Liked It To Much
Added by Dragorise!! on Jan 19 2014, 02:08
Too much RPG.
But i liked the mission i give you 5 star :)
Added by handfromsand32 on Feb 23 2014, 06:20
Nice Mission Mattatatta!I give you 5 Stars :)And the final mission i good ending!
Added by handfromsand32 on Feb 23 2014, 06:26
Ummm..Mattatatta,i have one simple question how did you download all mission in one WinRar Zip files?
Added by ^James^: on Mar 03 2014, 13:37
Great Mission Pack And It Was Too Amazing
Added by ^James^: on Mar 03 2014, 13:37
5 Stars
Added by GrooveX on Mar 08 2014, 05:18
Great 5 stars :)
Added by RigbyWilson on May 05 2014, 03:29
5 Stars!
Added by nandack on Jul 21 2014, 06:38
You make a great story and actors telling, greatest for me. 5 stars.
Added by AwesomeSmilee on Jul 24 2014, 15:09
Sounds cool, but I haven't played it, I'm on holiday without my computer, plus, credits for you, I took your idea on Acts and combine with my idea of sides, credits to NFS Hot Pursuit, and decided to create 3 acts, 2 sides when I get back from holiday.
Added by AwesomeSmilee on Jul 24 2014, 15:10
5* for you tho!
Added by Hirenk on Aug 07 2014, 05:03
please help me i am not able to complete the last mission.i chase that russian terrorist on bike n the we both have to kill all military mens but tha helicopter comes n blast the bike in which the mission fails.how to complete it help me.
Added by sharan_ke on Oct 08 2014, 13:06
WTF My game's stopped working even if I launched the first mission!
Added by sameer on Oct 27 2014, 07:44
The Best Mission Played By Me Ever.
Check Out My Mission Too
SuperNatural Chapter 1
Added by Lion kill on Nov 29 2014, 20:38
Nice man. 5 stars
Added by sinner13 on Dec 07 2014, 16:38
I love it Zulu Mission 5 stars!
Added by Lenivan X on Jan 24 2015, 12:29
Awesome man, seriously, the best storyline ever! (^_^)
Added by IsiX123 on May 24 2015, 00:27
Very nice missions!Keep doing more missions!
Added by Highqualitygaming19 on Jun 25 2015, 01:51
glitches fixed?
Added by Abdullah Younis on Jun 30 2016, 22:37
Can you please tell me how to install this or where to put the files to play the missions.
Added by StradaBoy on Aug 09 2016, 18:07
4/5 bugs in DYOM v8
Added by Yasir RFL on Sep 14 2016, 15:09
wow man . it ...it is awesome .I like the voice, the sky diving , the tunnel. You are the best bro .
Added by Archeva on Sep 21 2016, 19:00
Damn awasome mission
Added by ClarionXK on Jan 08 2017, 23:33
If you don't mind just check in the missions here :
Added by Green Goo on Feb 06 2017, 15:43
Coolest MP I've played!
Added by Zach Redgrave on Mar 14 2017, 03:41
Maattatatta, you gave me a new inspiration for my newest missions,thanks and did a good job on the mission
Added by Zach Redgrave on Mar 14 2017, 03:57
Maattatatta, you gave me a new inspiration for my newest missions,thanks and did a good job on the mission
Added by Noorahmad on Sep 14 2017, 12:11
I CAN MAKE THE SAME.... Good mission matatata

Added by Martin Strada on Nov 24 2017, 18:42
The hardest mission pack I have ever seen in the while.....
Added by ATX bond on Feb 18 2018, 21:07
Man!! How did you create this?
Added by TomekManieczki on May 05 2018, 12:32
great mission
Added by El1teG4mer69 on Sep 02 2018, 01:34
Awesome stuff my dude, you are really good at what you do here.
Added by Witherer on Nov 20 2019, 05:58
I thought this story would be some boring bullshit but in fact, it's WAY longer than I thought and it was fun, competitive.. and so much action!
I've never found a better story than this yet. By the way, how'd you bring the thought of making this story? I mean, the actions... what inspired you? I know that this story is fictional but what brought you the thought? People love this! Even me

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