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The Mechanic Reloaded (DEMO)

By shiva

This Dyom is my very first Dyom!!!
So please dont forget to download
I have just uploaded the Demo
I will upload the Full version soon
Please comment!!!!
And suggest me ideas..... I accept that this dyom is not good... Bcoz its my first dyom... My upcoming dyoms won b like this.... For a better missions, wait for the full version which will be released on december 25 fo christmas...... I promiese you it wont have any faults..


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Added by DyomDevil on Nov 02 2011, 17:18
don't add too many missions.it will get boring then.
make well...9 missions but don't be in a hurry.
take your time to do your mission better and better.
Added by shiva on Nov 03 2011, 01:23
yup i knw...this may be boring bcoz this s my first dyom. And moreover i don know how to make an actor walk .....
Added by shiva on Nov 03 2011, 01:33
could u help me by teachin how to make an actor walk,my email id is sivaasi4@yahoo.com
Added by sayooj rocks on Nov 03 2011, 03:20
you can make an actor walk, first create an actor model then weapons then put the animation to walk then create the route the actor would walk
Added by shiva on Nov 03 2011, 12:35
sayooj , i knw tat dude i knw thers a animation called walk but after i select it. It is asking route points and shit wat is loop point ..... Explain me in detail
Added by KaRzY6 on Nov 04 2011, 23:55
Nice missions. =D
Added by General Scrotum on Nov 05 2011, 14:59
Route points are what is defining the path the actor with the walk animation will go. The loop point, or whatever it is called, will make him go walk to the last point and make him come back to the first.
Added by shiva on Nov 05 2011, 16:13
thanx..... It ll b useful for my new storyline which ill upload soon
Added by Clock Turkey on Nov 06 2011, 09:00
hey I create bg smoke msson for you dUdE!!
Added by sayooj rocks on Nov 07 2011, 02:47
when we use the loop point the actor will walk through our point and return to the starting point, this will be used for patrols. you can use the other if you need the actor just to walk through the point and no return. thanks for rating my mission i've rated your's too
Added by shiva on Nov 14 2011, 12:28
By playing this dyom, dont rate me as a poorest dyom designer.... To be frank, this mission wont be gud since this is my first dyom. I m working on this full version .. It will hit the site soon. I promise it will be great. Belive me .
Added by DyomDevil on Nov 20 2011, 10:58
we believe you cuz i liked your demo.4/5 not poor...
Added by shiva on Nov 21 2011, 02:03
Friends, dont download this demo. Wait patiently until the full version comes on christman.....
Added by M0T0RH3@D on Aug 25 2012, 11:40

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