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Hunter: Arrives on Los Santos

By Galactic

Hunter an Agent that arrives on San Andreas to keep Los Santos clean of drugs and Gangs.

Story-Line 11 missions

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Added by Grim Reaper on Jan 08 2012, 11:20
Too much spell errors :p
Added by Mukarram Mk on Jan 20 2012, 19:08
How can i run Mission ? i put all this file in DSL folder wat now ?? tell me plzz
Added by Galactic on Jan 22 2012, 18:13
Reply to Mukarram Mk: All you have to do is put the files on DSL not the folder just the files and then start DYOM and the mission should start on it's own.
Added by Yezz007 on Apr 14 2012, 06:52
Yeah..., nice missionS man.....,It should be agent Ice Cold Killa.
Added by EyadRahwan on Sep 28 2012, 01:10
Which One I Put To Play Is It 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11
Added by JohnnyDavid on Dec 27 2013, 01:44
I did the same way as you said. But it didn't work.
Added by QaiserH on Feb 23 2014, 04:14
5 Stars :)

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