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8 Miles

By abishai.kochara

8 Miles

-presented by Abishai Kochara

Note to all players-
Firstly guys, I know i'm not that good at designing but I've improved and have made these missions with a lot of hard-work, this my rebirth in DYOM. I'll continue those missions and will create new missions only when I finish this, this my resolution. Please give me feedback and do comment and rate.
GAME NOTE: The story, characters and information will be updated as missions are uploaded.




Abishai Kochara, an ex-military, now in Los Santos, has plans to go around San Andreas as a camper through the countryside, he and his friends plan to go to a friend's place but fate has other plans when they get there, they go around town with Jenil, they go to a bar at night when some people dressed as cleaners barg in and drag jenil out, after getting into a gunfight you realize Jenil is dead...............


Abishai Kochara (AK)
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He was part of the Military, now he is retired after a grenade blew up while he and Dipesh Suvarna, Ravindranath Venkata and Yash Patil were about 5 metres away from it.
Now he lives on the money he saved,
he loves adventures and adreline,
had a very hurtful childhood.

Dipesh Suvarna (DS)
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He is Abishai's Friend, dangerously accurate with guns, he's useless with throwables.
The first to come around after the blast.
The last to recover from it.

Ravindranath Venkata (RV)
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The most strategic and patient person here, better known as Ravi, he's the man with a plan.
He knows what he's doing and does everything with a purpose.

Yash Patil (YP)
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He's the brains here, knows the name of almost every techonology, electronic device, software, hardware, etc.
Real good with maths(they all copied his maths homework), He had won an award for something they don't know. All of them have won awards.

Donnel Lieu
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Abishai's Butler, very faithful, loyal.

Jenil Mange (JM)
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He had a government job, he just retired and was very excited on Abishai and his friends arrival.
Status: Dead

Abhirup Kamath
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Actually a government official he's one of abishai's childhood friends.......
he is K.I.A in 'The 4 dragons have arrived'
Status : Dead


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