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The Story Of The Transporter - Completed

By Arejai

A secret agent, Markson Ricos a.k.a 'The Transporter', was working for a mysterious guy named Glog for a long time. He become popular since working with the guy. A lot of missions has been done by himself, without any objection. Killing a target, eliminating a group, and protecting someone, was his main job.

It's hard to be, who you want to be..

One day, at the morning, he got called from Glog that he got many hits and wanted by all organizations in Los Santos, except C.O. Glog tell him to leave his house as soon as possible. Although Markson didn't get what happened at all, he decide to obey the ordered and leave the place. But, before he can do anything, the enemies arrived and encountered the place.

Why they wanted to kill him? How he got so many hits suddenly? And who started it?

Follow and play this mission-pack to see what happen next and how can Markson do survive himself.


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Added by Arejai on Jan 13 2012, 04:45
Feedback would be appreciated :)
Added by Pvt. Hunk on Jan 21 2012, 15:31
Please, tell me how did you upload rar file.
Cause, i've getting errors everytime i upload rar files.
Added by Ezio on Apr 02 2012, 07:47
Very nice missions man!
Added by Heisenberg_GR on May 06 2015, 07:36
The file.rar is dead!
Added by macro123 on Jul 31 2019, 18:00
You Are My Best Missions Maker I Love Your Missions Toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Much

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