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Catastrophe [DYOM Contest #5]

By Arejai

Jordan and his best friend, Freddie must survive themselve from the destruction in San Andreas. They'll face many challenges during the escape.

Note: You're NORMAL if you failed at the first try.

Gameplay by Aznkei:



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Jan 07 '14

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Rated 151 times, Average 3.6

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PLAYcatastrophesalimAug 13 2014, 23:54
Not rated yet.
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PLAYDYOM - Design your own missionzaky irshadJul 01 2014, 07:27
"DYOM - Design your own mission"
Not rated yet.
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PLAYjo man timoAug 24 2013, 15:29
"jo man "
Rated 5 times, Average 4.8

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Added by lee_atsugai on Mar 07 2012, 14:29
awesome mission Arejai
Added by Arejai on Mar 13 2012, 08:54
Thanks! :)
Added by fringe12345 on Mar 20 2012, 15:37
I could never get past the explosion ad that sucks. but still nice mission G!
Added by TheBoy on Apr 26 2012, 21:25
Arejai you just made my day :D
This is one of the best missions I ever played.
It took me 5 or 6, maybe even 7 tries to complete it.
It was awesome Arejai :D
Added by Alex5526 on May 22 2012, 00:43
Done! My vote is for you in the final Arejai! Good Luck man!
Added by General Scrotum on Jun 08 2012, 00:20
DYOM Contest #5 winner mission. Pinned (for a week.)
Added by CLEOMASTER on Jun 13 2012, 06:50
hey,can you tell me how to make the plane look flying
and how to put people inside plane?
please tell me in my profile or here
Added by caio3771 on Jun 14 2012, 01:02
so hard, but i like it...
that explosions suprised me...
Added by Danini on Jun 14 2012, 21:25
This mission is sooooo awesome!
Added by Davian Thule on Jun 21 2012, 09:36
I really like your mission but there was too much explosions
Added by arvis8462 on Aug 14 2012, 16:56
can you help me what to do when i escape and go to vilage?there i go to marker in one of houses garden and nothing happens
Added by M0T0RH3@D on Aug 15 2012, 12:27
VERY COOL MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Monkey boy, cool name!!!
Added by arvis8462 on Aug 15 2012, 18:40
like in 2012 apocalypse-you have run to survive.awesome mission arejai
Added by Highqualitygaming19 on Aug 18 2012, 15:21
how this mission is one of the best after talking to freddy he only walks to a wall
Added by Vinesh on Aug 19 2012, 14:39
Added by bitan1997 on Aug 19 2012, 17:44
how to install and download it
Added by Arejai on Aug 21 2012, 16:24
Highqualitygaming19 It's a bug. Just restart the mission.

@bitan1997 Just click on of the icons below "Download". Make sure the file is in GTA SA User File.
Added by Elladakilada on Aug 22 2012, 14:26
It´s a good mission, but something is not correct.
because my friend have died in the car and the car exploded. and then I go to the ammunation. and he is alive in the ammunation.and the car is outside if I go later out of the ammunation.
Added by Arejai on Aug 23 2012, 04:59
Elladakilada What, you friend died? Then, it's your fault because you need to get out from the place with him using the car.
Added by Highqualitygaming19 on Aug 23 2012, 20:33
bitan1997 what u talking about? i restarted mission dunno lost count how many times and dyom mission is in the right spot i played it and it always bug at the same spot
Added by YiNiX on Aug 25 2012, 14:38
Hard but nice mission.
Added by asepl on Aug 30 2012, 13:40
I don't like two things in this mission.

1. Too unrealistic enemies (the shooting/brawling ones)
2. Too many explosions

And I liked
1. How you pushed the dyom to it's limit :)
2. The awesome explosions creating a barricade thing
Added by Arejai on Aug 31 2012, 06:45
@asepl You're new..? :P Well, they're something normal in DYOM.
Added by R1X4FIN on Aug 31 2012, 12:20
hard but cool mission (: how did you do those explosion things? rated 4/5
Added by Arejai on Sep 02 2012, 07:45
@R1X4FIN Just arrange the objects(explosion) in a row.
Added by R1X4FIN on Sep 02 2012, 17:29
oh okay thanks (:
Added by New123 on Sep 04 2012, 23:19
that good mission of 2012 the best
Added by CJ452 on Sep 08 2012, 21:28
Leave monkey boy to be beaten up to escape the explosions xD
Added by Zohair Irani on Nov 21 2012, 16:00
Hello , I want to know that Did u use Timeout for Creating Explosions in perfect timing ?
How Did u just do it ?
It was Really Awesome .. ;-D
Added by Arejai on Nov 26 2012, 17:43
@Zohair Irani Sometimes I used timeout objective, and sometimes, invisible checkpoint. You gotta know which one is fit with the situation. ;)
Added by kim hee wook on Nov 30 2012, 20:14
awesome cool
Added by Unmistakable on Jan 20 2013, 23:20
You are amazing man i wil follow you
Added by King on Feb 05 2013, 08:19
Very very hard !Very very cool!Very very awesome mission
Added by Ravenclaw on Feb 12 2013, 13:21
This is one of the best missions i have ever played! * * * * *
Added by King on Feb 14 2013, 18:04
5 star
Added by abiyu on Mar 11 2013, 10:51
how to run from explosion? i always boom... and boom....
Added by Arejai on Mar 12 2013, 11:47
@abiyu Just run from there. ;)
Added by mythkiller on Apr 23 2013, 04:25
the explosions really surprised me and i doubt anyone can escape that in there first try
Added by Gamelord on May 02 2013, 11:47
Good mission. I remember playing it a time ago.
Added by JCGames on May 06 2013, 18:52
hey man, its very good mission. Good Job, the award was deserved.
It took a long time to do?
Added by Arejai on May 08 2013, 12:29
@JCGames A week. ;)
Added by Youssef on May 11 2013, 23:27
how to Download DYOM Misson
Added by Khoi Minh Nguyen on May 12 2013, 10:23
why im die after the first explosion ?
Added by Arejai on May 12 2013, 13:43
@Youssef You see those folders under the 'Download'? Click on one of them and save it in your GTA SA user files. Then, play it.

@Khoi Minh Nguyen Because it's an explosion. Just run. ;)
Added by Nick28 on May 31 2013, 19:27
 ïåðâîé ìèññèè áûë òàêîé êóðü¸ç: ó ìåíÿ ïîãèá Ôðåääè è ìèññèÿ íå áûëà ïðîâàëåíà.
Added by franklinpalm on Jul 19 2013, 20:09
como hago para descargarlo
Added by Midoalon on Jul 31 2013, 01:02
hey arejai i have a question when i try to enter ammu-nation in the first part of the mission, the games always crashes why? i really want to do this mission so please help me
Added by Arejai on Aug 01 2013, 00:51
Yeah, that's always happen to some people and still, I don't know why. You can watch how the mission's played here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iX3H7VJxFCs
Added by namit on Aug 04 2013, 08:54
sadasdasdhbnbnbbjvvbjvhbj n
Added by namit on Aug 25 2013, 10:44
hey Arejai their is a problem i enter the ammunation gta sanandreas has quit automatcally why?????????
Added by Arejai on Aug 30 2013, 16:46
@namit Try it again ;)
Added by XPLchampionX on Sep 15 2013, 10:40
how to download this!
Added by AnonymousGamer on Oct 04 2013, 14:55
It crashes when I go into the ammunation .
Added by WockoLOL on Oct 07 2013, 21:49
how to download it?
Added by diegoxxd on Oct 13 2013, 19:14
Crashes when I go to ammunation -.-
Added by Arejai on Oct 14 2013, 13:05
Yep, it always happened. Just try it again. It won't take much time. ;)
Added by Aka979 on Oct 14 2013, 13:11
Hard, but cool
Added by DaJoey on Oct 27 2013, 21:46
I can't download it :(
Added by phillip010 on Nov 17 2013, 12:27
Added by RidwanRF on Nov 24 2013, 12:31
How to download it ?
What a mission
Added by LOCOTERAPIA on Nov 25 2013, 05:41
como hago para tener esta mision en mi dyom
Added by KETE1368 on Nov 30 2013, 19:14
Added by Kennkielz007 on Dec 30 2013, 10:47
after i go in the ammunation the next objective is in the rural city.. and when im already in the their... nothing happen..
:( plzz help me..
Added by Arejai on Jan 07 2014, 05:11
There'll be a checkpoint inside it. ;)
Added by Alex Kingston on Jan 07 2014, 14:43
When i enter the ammunation in willowfield my game crashes, DYOM crashes and burns to ashes ,, whhy ???
Added by Arejai on Jan 07 2014, 17:42
Yes, it happened sometimes. You gotta try it again.
Added by Thegoldengamersx97 on Jan 10 2014, 13:01
Hei Arejai im never died,you now why ?
Because im using cheat menu hahahahaha........
Added by Arejai on Jan 12 2014, 13:15
Good for you, lol.. But, how about the explosions? You overcome all of 'em?
Added by Dragorise!! on Jan 13 2014, 13:16
Iam goldengamersx97's friend,yeah even with the cheat menu when he help freddy you now when you have to ride a car he dont even now that there even have some explosion then what happen?.His dead hahahahahah :)
Added by Arejai on Jan 13 2014, 17:36
Yep ;)
Added by Dragorise!! on Jan 14 2014, 14:10
Good mission Arejai,but my game crashed because your motherfucking building called Ammu Nation :(
Added by Arejai on Jan 14 2014, 16:11
It always happened. Just try again or use old versions of DYOM. It might works.
Added by Dragorise!! on Jan 15 2014, 09:15
i want to ask you how can you make the explosive blows at perfect time and how to make those dialog?
Added by Arejai on Jan 16 2014, 04:34
Perfect time? Well, it's because of the checkpoints. For the dialog, just use 'timeout' objective.
Added by Behroz Hyder on Feb 02 2014, 16:45
Hey i can't see/watch it. its ok but how to do play it??? :( i am new
Added by Behroz Hyder on Feb 02 2014, 17:06
I watched it in YouTube but how to play It??????????
Added by Arejai on Feb 02 2014, 20:52
Watch this tutorial ;)

Added by Behroz Hyder on Feb 05 2014, 13:08
Added by hitman13 on Feb 10 2014, 20:31
hey man what the download link?
Added by BAWS on Feb 17 2014, 20:36
Good mission, but too many exploders!
Added by Getalol on Feb 18 2014, 15:34
Omg man this mission is so cool how long do you make it? :D
Added by Dragorise!! on Feb 23 2014, 07:48
i played the mission with kamen rider skin.
Jordan become Kamen rider Kabuto Rider form.
And Freddie become Gatack Rider Form :)
Added by Dragorise!! on Feb 23 2014, 08:34
The Monkey boy is a perfect name,because he is a monkey :)
Added by Huzaifa on Mar 01 2014, 22:10
5 Stars bro awesome mission :)
Added by SamuraiGuy on Apr 30 2014, 15:21
the game is crashe on the amunation entrance!
Added by cjsanandreas on Jul 01 2014, 18:16
how can i play these missions ????? HELP ANYONE
Added by Arudo on Jul 02 2014, 08:44
nice one,but my game crashed when i'm go into ammunation :'(
can you help :'(
Added by Arudo on Jul 02 2014, 14:03
Arejai,which DYOM version you have?
sry for my bad english -.-
Added by Arejai on Jul 11 2014, 01:05
@Arudo Latest one. But, I recommended you to play this mission with Dyom v5. ;)
Added by hanifpro on Jul 17 2014, 15:49
Wow best mission ever....how to download it? i download it wrong version and damaged...
Added by daffa ch on Jul 18 2014, 09:32
my car explode when i enter that car why sorry for my bad english
Added by Hirenk on Jul 19 2014, 16:52
i go to village and enter in the red marker bur nothing happens.please help me
Added by hanifpro season 2 on Jul 22 2014, 16:22
cool you mission
Added by Emre Selek on Aug 12 2014, 17:28
the best mission!
Added by rezawahidin on Aug 17 2014, 11:46
that Many Extrem
Added by MaxCity on Sep 05 2014, 20:33
good thanks!!! :)
Added by Khaptain Awsum on Sep 26 2014, 11:53
Added by arkan on Oct 16 2014, 09:08
hey Arejai their is a problem i enter the ammunation gta sanandreas has quit automatcally why?????????
Added by sameer on Oct 27 2014, 07:47
Love It :D
Check Out My Mission Too
SuperNatural Chapter 1
Added by Howtodownload on Nov 08 2014, 11:00
How to download it oh men!
Added by ArmyStarGames on Nov 09 2014, 23:12
Awesome! Check out mines!
Added by The John David on Nov 12 2014, 07:10
I'm could failed at the first try in this mission, but still good mission, Arejai
Added by tareing on Nov 20 2014, 12:48
Wow It's Good But I Didn't Play It All
1-Becuase it Stucks When I Get To The Ammu-Nation
Added by Emre Selek on Dec 05 2014, 18:34
The best mission!
I want to catasthrope 2 !!!!
Added by Vaghul on Dec 16 2014, 10:10
how to download this game
Added by diegoamar1 on Dec 23 2014, 07:45
What I Crash At Go In Weapon Shop ???
Added by Alok on Jan 01 2015, 11:18
Fu*k mission bad mission ever ☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼
Added by Jhandave on Jan 02 2015, 02:53
hey arejai, why im enter the ammunation in gta sa, it crash my game automatic, plz help
Added by GTATalker44 on Jan 06 2015, 02:21
Wow! I go to download it!
Added by famtecas4life on Jan 11 2015, 10:26
never understimate big bear.
Added by KC10a on Jan 23 2015, 16:47
Added by MikeM on Jan 26 2015, 17:10
Added by aufaa on Jan 28 2015, 13:49
awesome, make again :D
Added by aufaa on Jan 28 2015, 13:51
Added by Valeriu. on Feb 11 2015, 14:55
Added by Valeriu. on Feb 11 2015, 14:55
5/5 nice one
Added by Satyam on Mar 20 2015, 07:32
Sir, i am having problem whenever I enter the ammunation the game crashes please give some direction so I could play it.
Added by ms500 on Apr 06 2015, 08:13
i have found a solution to the ammu nation problem:the problem occurs when you use dyom v.7 and 8,use dyom v.6 if you dont want any problem
Added by janjan123 on Apr 29 2015, 02:44
how to download this mission?
Added by Master Creator on May 04 2015, 06:21
Nice mission dude i rate is 5/5
Added by aufaa on May 25 2015, 06:25
hey man error man!
Added by aufaa on May 25 2015, 06:26
dyom v5.0 work for this mission :D
Added by aufaa on May 25 2015, 06:26
Added by aufaa on May 25 2015, 06:27
hey man!
Added by aufaa on May 25 2015, 06:27
Added by aufaa on May 25 2015, 06:27
Added by aufaa on May 25 2015, 06:28
Added by aufaa on May 25 2015, 06:28
Added by aufaa on May 25 2015, 06:29
Added by aufaa on May 25 2015, 06:29
Added by aufaa on May 25 2015, 06:30
Added by ZTalha on Jul 20 2015, 15:05
my game crashes after killing the guy in the start
Added by Arslan on Aug 06 2015, 06:50
friends please check my mission..
Added by atabak on Aug 18 2015, 11:14
Added by nysnycoot cawtoon on Sep 17 2015, 05:13
me speak spanish , you mision is VERY COOL
Added by Sandstorm17 on Sep 26 2015, 12:50
I am very sorry for my mistake to upload your mission instead of me.Please,forgive me,it's an accident.
Added by dyomek on Oct 21 2015, 11:01
here is a good tip: Many people crashed at entering Ammunation same happened with me and on my mission and i foung a solution that i honestly guess that work best for all of us, place a checkpoint next to ammunation and make a teleport objective inside it then after all done make another checkpoint inside the Ammunation and make a teleport outside, hope i helped with that glitch
Added by ZekoFullGames on Jan 09 2016, 13:11
This is need 6.1 version to play this mission.
Added by ZekoFullGames on Jan 09 2016, 13:12
when you carsh go to ammunation. Just 6.1 version download to no crash go to ammunation. i help?
Added by VenomDYOM on Jan 14 2016, 14:23
Look to muche explosions in this mission has 6.1 version.
Added by VenomDYOM on Feb 25 2016, 16:11
Arejai can you play my mission i not upload it i need to finish chapter 1.
i think you like it!
Added by MohamedOL on Jun 26 2016, 19:31
Nice! games riots, shootout, bomb, damage, peds do fight
Added by Hisham Ibn Mahbub on Jul 06 2016, 06:28
plz dude give me the link to download it!!!plz give mime the link to download it arejai bro
i am unable to download it
Added by lolz38612 on Jul 18 2016, 18:40
It crashes at the Ammunation part
Added by leandro santos on Jul 22 2016, 20:29
http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/43507 esta missao esta com vozes em portugues
this mission this with voices and sounds
Added by StradaBoy on Aug 06 2016, 10:19
Added by mohamed gh on Aug 14 2016, 18:32
one serious amazing missions!
Added by sedikitarek0 on Nov 14 2016, 18:02
awesome mission thanks :)
Added by love raees on Feb 17 2017, 19:08
How to download it :0

Added by ShIvRaJ SiNgH on Jun 16 2017, 09:19
when i get in ammunation ,my gts sa game is crashed in catostrophe mission .please tell me how to fixed this crash .
Added by StradaBoy on Jul 30 2017, 14:05
This mission requires DYOM V5
Added by Nafil on Oct 22 2017, 09:40
I can't play this mission because when i enter to ammu nation, i crashed. But seems nice mission, gj
Added by robot45 on Nov 19 2017, 02:31
still can't beat this mission yet 4/5
Added by Kakakdyrydy on Jan 10 2018, 14:37
как качать
Added by Nekit on Mar 24 2018, 09:51
dont working after entering the ammunition
Added by Kitsune on May 08 2018, 20:54
When I get to AMMUNATION in Willowfield the game crashes,how i can solve it?
Added by by timurce on Aug 17 2018, 16:43
you can look at my duties
Added by niksan on Oct 04 2018, 16:37
how did you made the city go crazy?
Added by Bajram_10 on Sep 24 2019, 22:10
Hi all im new here ! Where can i download this mission?
Added by MihajloS on Apr 19 2020, 12:50
Very hard mission but still good.
Added by Jackimoo on Jun 23 2021, 16:29
This is actually a good concept but I keep crashing at the AmmuNation Objective and can't progress, Any idea why?

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