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Gta San Andreas Los Santos Stories[50%]

By Dominik

16 missions with ballas,2 mission with cops,8 missions with grove st.Read important text there should say i stop working on missions because of my computer problem but i fix,now new member will join me.
Hope you will enjoy in this missions.


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Added by Dominik on Apr 28 2012, 23:16
Final version will be published soon.
Added by Dominik on Jun 21 2012, 22:03
I'm sorry guys,I don't know what missions to make more,I put all my ideas into this missions.That is it with Ls Stories,this is what I din't finish in project:
Trailer Gta Los Santos Stories:i make it about 80%
Normal Missions:with this you will choose what gang your want and you will be in they teritory.
Personal music.
Triads missions,Vagos Missions(a tola mi hente)
And all that take a lots of my time(and bunch of fans was asking questions,when they heard about normal missions.
I'm S
Added by huseen on Jun 17 2016, 10:22

GTA san andreas stories
Added by osafkhan on Sep 15 2019, 08:26
rdeni gta sa

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