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Theory of Revolution

By xMatix

Year 2013. Russian agent Valentina Semetova was send to stole files from one of Russian Politician.
Suspicions exist that Russian want to start war with America, files are supposed to be handed over to American Govenment. Irish agent, Daniel Valera is picking them up, at once he is getting into trouble, the matters are complicate, memories are returning, and agent is remembering more and more about war in Belarus and Kazakhstan, where he fighted with Captain Cost.
Not everything going good, files turn out to be the trap, and heroes must unmask Russians.

Find more info on: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?act=ST&f=263&t=480224&st=0#entry1060565975


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PLAYTheory of Revolution TrailerxMatixSep 10 2012, 22:02
"Theory of Revolution Trailer"
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Added by Sgt.Mike on Jun 01 2012, 22:11
You sir make very good stories and gave me motive to continue xD
Added by Sgt.Mike on Jun 01 2012, 22:13
but srsly,it didnt have to be in Russian D;(not being racist)
Added by nono on Sep 16 2012, 12:11
its not russian... its polish...
Added by serbia4life on Nov 23 2012, 16:38
Why does everyone have to put russians foe enemies, great storyline by the way.
Added by HarryPa on Apr 24 2014, 10:46
its a russian
Added by xMatix on Jun 25 2014, 13:27
Language on photos is polish.
Language in storyline is english.
I didn't had time to take photos of english version.

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