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WSoT Act2: Chapter1: Welcome to LV

By Nyhhichi

ACT 2 of my storyline called Wrong Side of Town. After the grand event in SF Rob goes to Las Venturas to relax a bit and forget everything. But he wasn't lucky enough to evade the new threats. This act is main part is discovering more about Mr.K his plans.
Sorry for not uploading picture or making site. I have very little time and even less nervs to them.


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Added by TheJigsaw on Jun 07 2012, 12:18
Good Job
Added by Nyhhichi on Jun 07 2012, 14:18
Thanks. I put lot of time and nervs in this storyline
Added by WillBe on Dec 22 2012, 20:39
Hey man. Will you continue this?
Added by Nyhhichi on Dec 28 2012, 21:50
Wrong side of town is best storyline yet that I done. I'm kinda sad I screwd it up a little. It was a big challenge but I lost intrestin it. I'thinking to re do the storyline in v7.0
If I do its gonna be freaking awsome and lot more effort will be put do make it realy special

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