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NLIEQ | Ep. 1

By COOLMAN12234555896

The story is the same as before the remake. It follows the protagonist named Larry Smith and his friends Gary and Mac where they live in their hometown - El Quebrados. They are teenagers and they lived normal lives, until a gang called The Venturas Gang started to take over desert towns. The trio started their killing days by destroying the gang retaking the towns.



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Added by SithLord on Jun 21 2012, 11:48
You should really start to hide your actors, and your wikis.
Added by COOLMAN12234555896 on Jun 22 2012, 12:03
Added by AnDReJ98 on Jun 22 2012, 18:25
Hey COOLMAN,it's me from GTAF (AnDReJ98) leave this idiot. That's Grim Reaper with his new account. Remember he was banned 6 times on many different accounts. He's not ArgoN but he is his friend. SithLord (Grim Reaper) is Serbian also like me,he wrote some comments on my language. I just wanted to tell you,don't be care for Grim Reaper. I'll update topic about him on DYOM wiki.
Added by AnDReJ98 on Jun 22 2012, 18:26
P.S: We can also be friends COOLMAN. :)
Added by Cammi on Jun 22 2012, 22:39
hey dude, the missions are amazing, a lot better than the original. i noticed the story had changed a bit but it has made it better.
Added by COOLMAN12234555896 on Jun 23 2012, 22:58
@cammi Yeah, the story is changed a bit, but not that much.

@A(n)ndrEj! Thanks for the warning.

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