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Zombie Virus Outbreak

By Gguywesker101

a new tale has come to town,download this storyline its amazing,you will truly live in to it,but before you download this wonderfull storyline check its trailer,here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEt16qMXO7s&feature=youtu.be


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PLAYGta Sa Zombie Virus Outbreak trailer Gguywesker101Sep 18 2012, 17:58
"Gta Sa Zombie Virus Outbreak trailer "
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Added by Gguywesker101 on Aug 24 2012, 21:07
the new serios Zombie Virus the final crusade is gonna be out soon
Added by CJ452 on Sep 11 2012, 10:59
WTF is this?!
no dyom files?
Added by Gguywesker101 on Sep 18 2012, 16:10
lol,ther are files,its a storyline place them in the dsl folder
,i downloaded this from another computer as well as mine the files are in the archive,you need winrar or winzip OR BOTH
Added by Gguywesker101 on Sep 18 2012, 18:00
put the damn files inside the DSL folder,if you do know how storylines work LOL,its a storyline not a mission
Added by Gguywesker101 on Oct 19 2012, 14:51
EDIT: i apologize for my laguage there
Added by APlaycalypseNow on Nov 04 2012, 10:53
:/ Bad Storyline. I spawn in midden of a fucking missiontrigger, so I cant load or save.
Added by Gguywesker101 on Nov 20 2012, 14:42
never happened to me so not realy my folt,i try to remove the PROGRESS file i uploaded by mistake,maybe thats causing it,remove that file and then retry
Added by LM3310 on Jan 26 2015, 10:28
Don't mind the bad storyline. It has a good one and satisfying to play. :)

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