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Mission Impossible Series.

By Zohair Irani

This Is A Mission Pack Comprising Of 8 'Mission Impossible' Missions. They Are Very tough or we can say next to impossible.Each mission is unique in its own way and has its own level of difficulty....

These Missions test your following abilities in the game GTA San Andreas :

1) Sniping Ability.

2)Cycling Ability On Extremely Steep Lands.

3)Sneaking Ability.

4)Shooting Ability And Cover tactics.

5)Ability to Control your Body Motion At Extreme Heights.

6)Underwater Exploration Ability,

7)Cycling Ability In 3 Major Tests - BALANCE , BUNNY HOPPING , SPEED.

8) Speed Boating Ability .

[P.S : Do Not Forget to Rate And Comment About My Mission Pack.Also If there are any issues regarding any mission, Please Do bring it to my attention.]


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Added by Faizdon123 on Dec 17 2012, 16:04
Very good missions are there
Added by Zohair Irani on Jan 17 2013, 19:50
Thank you Faizdon123 !
Added by srk production on Jul 05 2016, 15:20
zohair Irani your 9 mission(ultimate showdown)
only play this mission. bro you great and great mission
but question
have you defeat your 9 mission
it's very very very difficult and please hint how to complete mission

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