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Mission Impossible 9 (Ultimate Showdown)

By Zohair Irani

This is the ultimate mission in the ' Mission Impossible' series.
You Will start the mission by hand combat in different cages. each cage will have 1 or at the most 2 rounds.You have to shift from one cage to another where the level of fighting increases gradually.

This mission has around 22 Rounds -
1) Round 1 - Round 14 : Melee
(Round 12 is a surprise round.)

2)Round 15 - Round 18 : Puzzle
(Here You Have to Think Carefully And Proceed Further.)

3)Round 19 - Round 20 : Super Rush

4)Round 21 - Round 22 : Surprise.

Health And Armour Will Be Provided to you at regular intervals.

This mission is Highly Challenging and most tough of all previous 'Mission Impossible' Missions .Dont Expect to complete the mission in first try.It will most probably Put you down.

{NOTE : No Cheating will be allowed Here. Playing this mission without cheats will be of great fun.}

{P.S : This is the last of Mission Impossible Series. }

Do Not Forget To Rate and comment about my mission, ;-)

You can view my mission review here AT END OF PAGE-

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Added by Zohair Irani on Jan 01 2013, 17:55
(REAL ZOHAIR : Someone Had hacked my account and posted the above comment)
Added by Adventurer on Jan 02 2013, 18:22
I enjoy playing your mission. I am still on round 12.i have become a karate master after playing previous rounds lol !
5 star rating.
Added by Zohair Irani on Jan 02 2013, 18:28
Thanks a lot, adventurer . i am glad you enjoyed the mission. :-)
Added by chopto45 on Jan 04 2013, 23:42
good mission men congratulentións:D
Added by Zohair Irani on Jan 05 2013, 15:49
Thanks a lot , chopto45 .
Added by Max Tennyson on Jan 09 2013, 06:47
Very Creative Work , Zohair ! It was more of a Minigame rather than mission !
Added by Zohair Irani on Jan 16 2013, 11:07
Thanx a Lot , Max Tennyson .
Added by Adventurer on Jan 22 2013, 14:24
Hey I played all your Mission Impossible missions.Each of them has a unique skill set related.I wish you could continue the series.
Added by Zohair Irani on Jan 24 2013, 18:45
@Adventurer : Dont worry , though I have ended this series , I am making another series on same theme called - ENDURANCE.
Added by King on Jan 28 2013, 04:27
Ultimate mission
I played it 7 times to complete it
Added by King on Jan 28 2013, 04:29
5 star
Added by Zohair Irani on Jan 28 2013, 10:42
Thanks a lot , King .
Added by Whir|p00| on Jan 28 2013, 19:14
Hi,Zohair.I appreciate your MI missions(this one,of course the BEST).I am new to DYOM site.How do we put our missions on the site like yours?
Added by Zohair Irani on Feb 06 2013, 06:18
@Whirlpool : Just Click on 'Upload' Tab on top of the web Page.Then Click on Mission/Storyline whatever you wish to upload.
And Then Choose the destination file/folder in your own PC/Laptop and Also add description and image(not mandatory).
Added by Sabretooth on Feb 06 2013, 06:22
Very different kind of mission(Not a mission exactly) but very very tough but Fun.
I havent seen any other mission on this site like yours.
Added by Zohair Irani on Feb 06 2013, 06:40
Thanks a lot,Sabretooth.
You are new to DYOM.
Welcome to DYOM.
Added by Priest on Feb 06 2013, 18:51
You have a good control and use of objects in DYOM as depicted here.This depicts that your Imagination skill is very high.Also the gradually increasing levels of difficulty show your unique designing skill.
Added by Cyclops on Feb 13 2013, 15:28
Excellent Challenge Zohair , Excellent !
I downloaded your mission before I registered here.Will you be in my respect list?
Added by Zohair Irani on Feb 13 2013, 16:15
Thanks a lot Priest for the review.
Added by Zohair Irani on Feb 13 2013, 16:15
@Cyclops : You dont need my permission for that .I had love to be in your Respect List.
Added by Richard Kennedy on Feb 13 2013, 16:45
Acutely Intricate Expedition , Zohair .The Plodding proliferation of intricacy is indeed a benchmark.
Proficient Craftiness perceived here.
Also Maneuvering of paraphernalia is really Cordial.
5 star.
Added by Zohair Irani on Feb 14 2013, 14:02
Thanks Richard Kennedy.
Glad you understood the pattern of difficulty here. ;-D

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