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Mystery Death (CHAPTER 1)

By LazeR

Hello. This is my 2th mission pack! Please download and rate, it means alot to me!
You're playing as Joseph Venturas and Jack Venturas. Jack and Joseph are brothers. Joseph moved from Los Santos during the RIOT. It was too dangours. Then he moved to San Fierro to his father and brother. When Joseph arrived to his Father's car shop. Wang cars. He found his brother. Jack said that our father is dead. They don't know who did it. They're going to find out.


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Jan 28 '13


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PLAY(DYOM) Mystery Death TrailerLazeRJan 28 2013, 17:13
"(DYOM) Mystery Death Trailer"
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Added by LazeR on Jan 28 2013, 17:12
Trailer released.
Added by Rendy Specter on Sep 01 2013, 01:26
why you deleted the trailer?I want to download the song please tell me the song used in this trailer.
Added by LazeR on Sep 02 2013, 16:27
@Rendy Specter, I'm so sorry, I didn't deleted the trailers, my sister did because I used her account, I don't know if she did it on purpose, I don't know, But I will try to find the song for you. ;P
Added by Rendy Specter on Sep 12 2013, 12:53
well not bad mission 3 stars at least but i could possibly rerate this mission if you impressed me alot for the final mission of this series.
Added by LazeR on Oct 30 2013, 16:16
@Rendy Specter Thank you! I know. I haven't worked on this since January. I don't know If I should cancel it, or just work on it.
Added by Rendy Specter on Nov 15 2013, 14:20
@Lazer,You are not the only one who confused for deciding his/her own mission series,also somehow lazy designing missions as it takes about hours to make one but surprisingly only few minutes while playing it.I also liked that since last October when I know DYOM for the first time.
Added by Rendy Specter on Nov 15 2013, 14:28
So because of that I somehow thinks that we were just liked twin brothers in DYOM community,if only Mr.President(Secronom)still allow me to continue yours Mystery Death,then I could make better missions for chapter 2 until the last mission,and of course.. more challenging than your original version :)
Added by Rendy Specter on Nov 15 2013, 14:31
too bad that i cannot help you but,if you wanted to know what I meant more chalenging missions you can play my missions here:
==> http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/26020 .So you might be inspired for making a better stories and missions in the future :)

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