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C.R. - To the rescue

By Ravenclaw

This is the introductory mission of the Countryside Raider (C.R.) series.

The story revolves around a woman named Laura Hopkins who wants to become the undisputed leader of the countryside of San Andreas. To achieve her dream, she is ready to face all challenges.

In this mission, she has to save her childhood friend Denise Robinson from an attack by some robbers.

Please feel free to rate and comment to let me know what you feel about the mission. ;)

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Added by Zohair Irani on Feb 01 2013, 11:48
Very good as an Introductory mission.
Keep It Up !
Added by Adventurer on Feb 01 2013, 12:26
I really liked the rain.It added thrill to the mission.And Killing Denise's enemies was fun too !
5 star !
Added by Richard Kennedy on Feb 01 2013, 12:39
Contemplating as a prologue to your series,the exposition was fascinating enough to lure us in the illusory world of Laura Hopkins.
(Also It had a glimpse of Lara Croft as well.)
Added by Ravenclaw on Feb 02 2013, 12:52
@Richard Kennedy: Thanks for that. Your highly sophisticated English skills make you an extraordinary commentator on DYOM. (BTW you got me right...)
Added by Ravenclaw on Feb 02 2013, 13:06
@Zohair and Adventurer : I am glad you liked the mission.
Added by King on Feb 03 2013, 14:05
As a introductry very cool mission
Added by King on Feb 03 2013, 14:06
5 star
Added by Ravenclaw on Feb 03 2013, 15:10
Thanks for that..glad to know you liked the mission. As for the sequel, work is in progress...
Added by prince. on Feb 03 2013, 15:20
As a intro this mission was good
Added by Ravenclaw on Feb 03 2013, 15:57
Thanks to all for a great response..
Added by Richard Kennedy on Feb 03 2013, 16:33
@Ravenclaw:The dictum mentioned aproposing my English,was it
an affront to my flair or commendation?
Added by Whir|p00| on Feb 03 2013, 16:37
There was nothing much to do in this mission.There is very less gameplay compared to even a standard introductory mission.
Anyways,2 star.
Added by CJ Roxxx on Feb 03 2013, 16:58
2 star.
Added by Elected on Feb 04 2013, 03:28
Goood work and cool inductory
Added by Elected on Feb 04 2013, 03:29
5 star
Added by James Moriarty on Feb 04 2013, 19:37
Hey since this series contains Denise Robinson,are you planning to combine your series story with the story of official san andreas?
Added by Ravenclaw on Feb 05 2013, 09:11
No, this is entirely a different story. I would have to change the player name to Catalina if wished to do so.
Added by ShadowOfDeath on Feb 05 2013, 11:48
17 comments on your first mission,
Not Bad.
A very good start.
Also it is a good mission.
I liked your comment on Richard Kennedy.
Added by Ravenclaw on Feb 05 2013, 15:58
Thanks..glad you liked the mission. : )
Added by Adventurer on Feb 06 2013, 15:55
WOW I always loved the Tomb Raider games and movie.
I really really want to play your next mission.This mission was a fantastic Beginning.
Added by Phoenix on Feb 06 2013, 15:57
Nice starting.
Added by Priest on Feb 06 2013, 18:57
Ravenclaw,You like to design missions of conquering territories .Here the main protagonist being a lady shows your support to the women's justice,as seen in saving Denise from robbers.
Also you like to puzzle everyone,shown by desire of woman in conquering Countryside.
Added by Ravenclaw on Feb 12 2013, 13:38
Thanks for your reviews, Priest.
Added by Cyclops on Feb 13 2013, 15:35
Interesting story it seems.
Very nice intro.
Added by Ravenclaw on Feb 13 2013, 16:02
Glad you liked it ,Cyclops.
Added by AngelOfDarkness on Feb 14 2013, 12:16
Sorry but kinda boring.

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