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THE FLATS I.: Living In The Streets

By TheBaller

This is my first storyline. The inspiration of this storyline is, that there were no other story settled in San Andreas in the GTA III Era after San Andreas itself, so I decided to make a storyline which begins before the original game's story with a little, and after a little bit it will go ahead in parallel with the original story. Some of the missions are pretty hard, so I won't be angry if you dare to use cheat code. It's recommended to not to skip the cutscenes, and using CLEO 3 instead of 4, because it may crash the game. If you know any kind of bugs, or if you want to feedback, or you have a review about the storyline, if you got anything to say about the storyline, feel free to leave a post here, or in the forum. I hope you guys will like it, have fun!

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Added by General Scrotum on Jan 05 2016, 22:06
Added by Wolf13 on Feb 01 2016, 14:47
How to install this storyline? :D
Added by Wolf13 on Feb 01 2016, 15:00
It's always crashes.
Added by Im Bob on Jan 25 2017, 13:16
Nice story :D
Added by Loko on Feb 24 2017, 04:54
Thiz is da best storyline ever for Dyom Are u gonna make more gangsta storylines like this?
Added by HannzTDM23 on May 08 2017, 09:22
How to install this story line
Added by asddsa321 on Jun 18 2017, 04:44
crashes all time
Added by Pro$elyte on Aug 06 2017, 15:21
Came here to say HI!
Added by NorthRock on Oct 28 2018, 07:35
Gonna play this fo' sure.
Check out my YouTube Channel till then: https://bit.ly/Sub2Z
Added by PVX. on Jan 10 2019, 13:59
Maan, I'm on the 4th mission, but that climate of LA gangs is soo nicee! I'm gonna finish this chapter and play rest of 'em! :D
Added by Creative845 on May 04 2020, 17:30
Cool story and gang language style... Impressive.
Added by gangsteris123 on Mar 08 2021, 15:26
How do i download the storyline
Added by phenoma on Aug 25 2021, 13:28
i like driving missions.I liked the first part very much, now I'm going to the second part. :D
Added by PotatoMan147 on Sep 16 2021, 11:29
Wow absolutly the story is good the dialogs are very unique and nice unlike other ballas storylines
Added by Tee Are Gee on Nov 15 2023, 02:42
GTA San Andreas - DYOM - Living In The Streets

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