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My Body Killed My Soul Highly Improved

By Gamelord

This is the higly improved version of My Body Killed My Soul storyline.
Story-To know the heart touching story, play it!
Gta forums topic-http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=547565
Gta garage page-http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=22415


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Added by CJ452 on Feb 21 2013, 10:45
I have a question , how do you make a conversation like you did between ashley and mike???
Added by [NFS]Gunner on Mar 08 2013, 14:20
An awesome storyline! But in the end mike goes crazy cuz he killed his brother?
Added by dyom12345 on Mar 19 2013, 07:24
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!! One of the best storylines i ever played!
Added by Gamelord on Mar 19 2013, 07:34
thanks everyone...
Added by [NFS]Gunner on Mar 25 2013, 17:07
Gamelord can i make a good endig for it?
Added by Gamelord on Apr 07 2013, 06:29
Nope. You can give a suggestion though.
Added by Martincho on May 14 2013, 02:29
This storyline is really awesome!
I liked everything!
But, how did you make a shooting from the car?
Added by Gamelord on May 19 2013, 05:23
Thanks Martincho.
Which mission are you talking about?
Been a long time since I did dyom. But I'll tell you if you tell me the mission.
Added by deepanshu on May 26 2013, 08:27
how should i run your storyline?
Added by Gamelord on May 29 2013, 12:12
Just extract the files from the archieve. Copy the 8 files from the part 1 to your san andreas user files, start dyom and finish the missions and continue the procedure.
Added by Gamelord on May 29 2013, 12:14
When I said continue the procedure that meant you should copy the next files from the next part and overwrite the previous ones.
Added by deepanshu on Jun 01 2013, 11:57
thanks for telling that
i have a question and a suggestion as well.
question 1:how did you in a cutscene make a actor shoot another actor?
question 2: in a cutscene, timeout or checkpoint how to put question marks(?) and semicolons(:)?
suggestion: you should try to fix some minor errors like in the mission a bad day in the forest after big smoke returns from the forest my game crashes?why?
Added by deepanshu on Jun 01 2013, 11:58
in mbkms part 1
Added by Gamelord on Jul 26 2013, 11:42
deepanshu, I did not experience any such crashes when I tested the storyline, dunno why did that happen.
For your questions you should read some tutorials about dyom, I myself learned it from the tutorials.
Added by Agent J on Nov 10 2013, 05:38
Added by Agent J on Nov 10 2013, 05:42
For deepanshu -
1st question - 1 actor must be a friend and the other 1 must be an enemy.The 2 actors must be near and has the behavior attack direct or something like that.The actors must be put BEFORE the cutscene.
2nd question - for question mark, press and hold the Shift key then press the 3 that is found above the letters W and E.For the semicolons, do the same, but the number should be 6 which is above the letters T and Y.
Added by Gamelord on Nov 27 2013, 17:29
@Agent J, glad you liked it.
Added by Illegaliste13 on Dec 23 2013, 19:35
I don't like this storyline. I love it! Best of any other storylines.
Added by Gamelord on Dec 28 2013, 18:02
For a second, you failed my heart. Thanks a lot then.
Added by Gamelord on Dec 28 2013, 18:06
I'm planning for the part 2! Hoping to start this April..not now because of my school life.

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