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Zombies Venturas part 1

By akshay2001

Zombies Venturas part 1by me(akshay2001)
At Las Venturas a scientist named dr.joey tests his new invention that can make the people more poweful,but when he tested the invention nobody knows that why he became the zombies and now Las Venturas is a zombie city

few days ago in Liberty City after that incident
a student name markey goes to las venturas trip with his teacher and his friends and any other students when they reach at Las Venturas at 02:00am,they dont know that Las Venturas is now a zombie city,they thought that everyone are sleeped ,because they are tired the teacher say that we will stay at Caligula's palace when they reach at Caligula's palace and the teacher goes inside and books some rooms the zombies catch and kill him when you hear the screaming of the teacher you go inside and you see that there are zombies and your teacher is dead after you see that the teacher is dead zombies will see you
what happend with markey if you wanna know,so please play this mission pack.

Part 2 is coming soon ,please dont forget to rate and comment
sorry for my bad english :-(


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