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Dead World #3: Not alone

By basketziga

basic description: There are a lot of very bad scenarios how world will and but what if it end with a zombie apocalypse. When the virus first appeared it didn't take a lot of time to turn a very beautiful planet in the ''Dead World''. In this world you will have to do everything to survive, fight zombies, finding food and ammo and making smart decisions. Can you survive ?

description of the mission: After running away from zombies, Leo and Mike meet a group of survivors that save them. The group need some food so they will help them to find it.

Download part 2 ( Out of ammo ) over here: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/24234

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Added by prince. on Mar 09 2013, 14:06
Cool 5 Star
Added by basketziga on Mar 09 2013, 15:25
thanks :D
Added by AMCTWD99 on Mar 09 2013, 16:36
believe me that never in my life seen a mission of zombies so cool like this .... the others were really stupid .. Till there was you and you saved us from boredom ... hehehe .. keep it up .. and post your next mission please ..
Added by King on Mar 09 2013, 16:55
Cool mission bro but just puplish it
Added by King on Mar 09 2013, 16:56
I mean publish
Well 5 star to your mission
Added by basketziga on Mar 09 2013, 19:13
@AMCTWD99 wow I never thought that someone would like that mission so much. Thanks ;D
Added by AMCTWD99 on Mar 10 2013, 00:02
Well, well ... time ... sige will attain fame DYOM lol .... and I am also a fan of the zombies re .... and believe me .. never .. never .. but never had found a mission of zombies as good as this ...
Added by AMCTWD99 on Mar 10 2013, 16:29
Hey .. you could tell me how to add sounds to a mission..please
Added by Switz on Mar 29 2013, 21:18
I download it works perfectly and when I put in charge mission nothing happens ... please help

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