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Tomb Raider : The Beginning

By Zohair Irani

This is the second mission of Tomb Raider series.
The adventures of Lara Croft begin from this mission.
This mission remarks the start of action part of this series.

Lara's team has built up a Croft Manor in Los Santos.Also Lara sets her aims to search the trace of the signal which was received by James in the introductory mission.

Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.
Please Do not forget to leave a feedback and rate.

{Lara Croft's underwater adventure in Tomb Raider : Wrecked Submarine coming soon.}

{Link to GTA FORUMS Topic : http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=540106}


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Added by Sabretooth on Mar 12 2013, 19:43
I always loved the Tomb Raider games.
Even you have made an environment similar to Tomb Raider but with a different story.
Very nice work !
(I am waiting for Wrecked Submarine..)
Added by Zohair Irani on Mar 12 2013, 19:45
Thanks , Sabretooth .
I am a TR fan too ;-)
Added by King on Mar 13 2013, 10:20
Great mission I really liked your Detector concept
Added by King on Mar 13 2013, 10:22
[ :-)[5 star][ :-)
Added by Zohair Irani on Mar 13 2013, 13:44
Thanks King.
Stay tuned for : Wrecked Submarine.
Added by Ravenclaw on Mar 24 2013, 03:07
5 star! I liked the idea of searching strongest signals...
Added by Fahim123 on Apr 03 2013, 01:46
Hey Zohair i want to say this is one of the stupid and mind destroyer mission. There for i give him 1Star.
Because in this mission we have to only drive bike and last one very stupid think
Go where when you get strongest signal
Added by Zohair Irani on Apr 04 2013, 10:46
I am sorry I disappointed you....In this mission, you have to focus more on reading part..The gameplay part comes in upcoming levels..The last marker, well you would have got it if you had read the conversations properly..
Hint : Where the signal is strongest , Place a marker on the map.
Added by Target13 on May 01 2013, 17:38
Really enjoyed it! keep up the good work!
Added by Zohair Irani on May 01 2013, 19:08
Try the other missions too, and do not forget to provide a feedback.
Added by Martincho on May 03 2013, 01:29
Nice mission man
Really well made
Added by Zohair Irani on May 11 2013, 16:12
Thanks, Martincho. Please do try out the other missions of the series, and provide feedback. :)

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