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Dead World #5: Way back pt.2

By basketziga

basic description: There are a lot of very bad scenarios how world will end but what if it end with a zombie apocalypse. When the virus first appeared it didn't take a lot of time to turn a very beautiful planet in the ''Dead World''. In this world you will have to do everything to survive, fight zombies, finding food and ammo and making smart decisions. Can you survive ?

description of the mission: Leo and Kevin found a ''safe'' place to stay, but they still want to get back to the hideout, where is safer and more supplied.

Download part 4 ( Way back ) over here: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/24260

You wanna know a detailed description of all the characters and all updateds ? Check ''Dead World'' on GTAForums.com: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?s=a1961f53460f1e40a272b04694f1fc73&showtopic=547624

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Added by Sumit on Mar 21 2013, 08:33
I like some part of the mission like the weather effects, the cutscenes but i didn't get the story and i think that the mission should be more long and more challenging. So, I rated it 3.
Added by Sumit on Mar 21 2013, 09:22
basketziga I take my words back that I didn't like the story and is not challenging. I wrote these because i didn't played your rest of parts of the mission. I really like the story and specially the cutscenes. It really gives effect of resident evil. So I rated it 5 now.
Added by basketziga on Mar 21 2013, 14:30
thanks :D
Added by King on Mar 24 2013, 04:00
All things have in your mission therefor
5 Star
Added by Switz on Mar 29 2013, 21:18
I download it works perfectly and when I put in charge mission nothing happens ... please help

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