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GTA SA: New episode Beta

By icebox

the things in he's life is turning to get a bit difficult......This is the first part of New CJ Storyline Watch the trailer as well


This Storyline will not continue, because this is a beta version.
anyway the original version is comming out soon!!


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Jun 25 '13


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PLAYGTA SAn andreas NEW EpisodeiceboxMar 23 2013, 20:50
"GTA SAn andreas NEW Episode"
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Added by StuntmanDYOM on Mar 23 2013, 21:22
How to load storylines?
Added by icebox on Mar 26 2013, 22:13
oh I guess i have to reupload the mission anyway have you tried to put the files into dlc folder?
Added by M0T0RH3@D on Mar 28 2013, 17:13
For now, I just have to say that your storyline is very cool!
But you have some mistakes,(everyone misses), for example the first mission is have a big mistake. When you go to the show the city of Los Santos to Michelle , those senteces ,she says, are are programmed into the "phone" (DYOM Objective).
So, she is talking and CJ is with the phone?!
I think this was not your idea ...
So I think I have what you need:
"Timeout" (DYOM Objective) is a objective where you can put a sentence and
Added by M0T0RH3@D on Mar 28 2013, 17:22
you can writing nothing to.
Added by icebox on Mar 28 2013, 21:08
OH OKAY I did not knew that thanks for the adwise
Added by M0T0RH3@D on Mar 30 2013, 19:32
You're welcome!
If you need help or if you have a doubt, write in my profile and I'll try to answer your questions!

Added by StuntmanDYOM on Mar 31 2013, 21:31
Dont you mean the DSL folder?
what next then?
Added by icebox on Apr 02 2013, 09:09
Yes, the DSL folder since my storyline is not autorun then you have to run dyom then select storylines and then test the storyline. hope you enjoy the storyline.
Added by gamepttt on Apr 20 2013, 01:12
Awesome storyline bro, just perfect. Then do you release the next part?....5/5
Added by icebox on Apr 20 2013, 13:56
Thanks. Well the next episode will come out maybe about 2 and 3 day. I will contact you then I release the next episode.
Added by Crimer on May 04 2013, 18:56
Very Good :)
Added by deepanshu on May 18 2013, 12:13
what is this? what is a storyline by the way?
Added by icebox on May 20 2013, 15:14
A storyline is missions, that works like the original gta san andreas missions system.
Added by Sec. on May 29 2013, 19:20
Nice... But i have a question. What is the muzic in The Trailer?
Please Tell me. Sounds good
Added by icebox on Jun 03 2013, 06:50
Thanks, I'm glad that you like it....the musics name is "sub focus rock it"

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