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Tomb Raider : Back to the Quest

By Zohair Irani

This is the fifth mission of the Tomb Raider Series....

After discovering the history of the artifact .. Lara has set towards the Next artifact ..... But this time , She wont be able to trace it by its signals. .... Also she meets a mysterious man Max whom she already knows....
This time , she is not alone , because from now she will start having opposition by some unknown ....thereby getting to action several times...So get ready for action !

Play the mission to find out more...

Note :
1) Please do watch the cutscenes and read the dialogues in your first try..They are important as they provide VERY important hints how to proceed...
2) You can use the cheat PROFESSIONALKILLER in order to weild dual pistols during action scenes in the mission . But no other cheat will be allowed as it will ruin the adventure fun..

Also do not forget to provide constructive feedback after playing the mission.

{Lara's trekking adventure in the next mission :'Tomb raider : Mount Chiliad' coming soon .}


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Added by King on Mar 28 2013, 14:14
Awesome One
Your this series can win DYOM contest .
Added by King on Mar 28 2013, 14:15
5 Star
Added by King on Mar 28 2013, 14:15
5 Star
Added by Zohair Irani on Mar 29 2013, 19:08
Thanks , King .
About the contest , I am not doing it for the contest , Moreover the contest will have a specific theme...
Thanks for the compliment , though....
Added by Ravenclaw on Mar 31 2013, 07:46
Nice one and nice cutscenes. keep it up!
Added by Zohair Irani on Mar 31 2013, 20:02
Thanks , Ravenclaw ! :-)
Guys , stay tuned for Tomb Raider : Mount Chiliad
Added by Aligator007 on Apr 02 2013, 14:52
Yeah Zohair, you did'nt disappoint, your missions are the best :) Rate 5 + You are on my respect list.
Added by Zohair Irani on Apr 04 2013, 10:30
Thanks, Aligator007.
Glad to be in your respect list...
Added by VergilDD on Apr 23 2013, 14:02
This too and I'll give a comment
Added by Tony Stark on Oct 20 2013, 12:00
hey! can you become my friend????

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