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GTA T.C.C Mission #43 - Betrayal Is A On

By Astrobix

This is the last mission of my own dyom story, if you choosed to come here that means that you selected the finale DEAL and not the REVENGE one. Created by me steven iglesias (Astrobix), edited and uploated by me..

Mission name: Betrayal Is A One Way Trip
Given by: Alex / DEAL
Reward: Respect + $25,000
Storyline Mission Number: 43th
Trivia: Steven did the deal with minuteman but that was all a trap planed by him and wilman, after steven arrives to his house 2 coffins are placed there. Inside the coffins were laura and bryan's bodies.

In order to get his revenge against wilman and minuteman steven awaits for alex's call. When alex calls steven he tells to steven that he's waiting for him in his cheetah at burger shot. Steven meets alex and both have a conversation about the plan and how are they going to rush inside.

When they arrive to the place steven tells alex that he needs to do it alone, he can't put anyone in the line, so alex helps steven clearing the path outside before rush in. Steven and alex kills everyone and alex waits for steven outside the mansion while steven goes inside.

Inside the mansion, the paths are full protected so steven takes cover at every moment, in the rooms path steven has to take out the incoming italian mafia members and the one with the rocket launcher to continue. After take them out steven continues to the next room, where it is protected at every side. When steven cleans the room wilman tells steven that if he was him, he will take cover before continue.

Steven goes to the next room and takes everyone there, then continues to the next side of the mansion where a guy with rocket launcher is already waiting for him. Steven kills the guy with the rocket and continues the way taking out the remaining italians.

In the gym's door steven takes out the last one and wilman alers him that the next room will be his end, so steven takes armor and reloads his weapons before continue. Steven goes through the door and climbs the stairs to the last floor where wilman is and takes cover with a generator.

Wilman tells steven that he will die there, then minuteman laughs at his lost. Wilman tells minuteman that he hadn't work so hard to share the smells of the victory, so wilman betrayes minuteman. Minuteman gets pissed of that and goes behind wilman, inmediatly the S.W.A.T team arrives and rushes to the mansion, but they were buyed cops by wilman, and the other ones were sent by the agent fernandez to protect steven.

Steven faces the swat, the italians, and the camorras. Takes them out and goes behind wilman and minuteman to the roof. In the roof wilman and minuteman discusses about who will die, then steven appears and decides to finish off with both of them, so the final battle starts. Wilman attacks minuteman, and that's the time for steven to take cover and attack.

When wilman kills minuteman, steven rushes against him and shoots wilman. In the fierece fight both of them gets full injured, so steven falls and wilman is about to kill him, but suddenly alex appears and saves steven. While saving steven, wilman kills alex, so steven gets pissed off and goes against wilman with all his fury, both of them fighting with punches.

Steven knocks out wilman, then takes his deagle and executes him. Steven shoots 12 bullets to wilman, the last one is a headshot, finishing with wilman once and for all. Mary appears and all finishes in the roof of the mansion. The italians and the camorra's mafia finished.

After 2 days of the incident, steven visits mateo's grave and talks to him. Steven tells him that all is over and promisses mateo that he will protect mary at all cost for his sake. Steven walks away saying "Stick to your friends, because your friends can be all for you" showing his respect and love to his fallen friends in the massacre with wilman.

Alex's Missions: 100% (3/3) (Deal ending)


-GTA San Andreas
-Cleo 3
-Dyom 7.0.2



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"Mission help: 43"
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Added by Astrobix on Apr 06 2013, 00:43
Walkthrough (DEAL)

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