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GTA T.C.C Mission #43 - Memento Mori

By Astrobix

This is the last mission of my own dyom story, if you choosed to come here that means that you selected the finale REVENGE and not the DEAL one. Created by me steven iglesias (Astrobix), edited and uploated by me..

Mission name: Memento Mori
Given by: Alex / Revenge
Reward: Respect + $25,000
Storyline Mission Number: 43th
Trivia: Having the choise between do the deal with minuteman and kill him taking back laura and bryan, steven makes his choise killing minuteman at San Fierro's dump and rescues bryan and laura taking out as many italian mafia members and camorras on their way back to the house.

Right now steven awaits for alex's call and prepare the plan to take out wilman once and for all.

After a few hours steven recieves the call from alex. Alex tells steven that he's waiting for him with bryan at burger shot, near santa maria's beach. Steven meets the team in a blue landstalker parked there and the 3 mans talk about the plan to enter in the mansion and finish with wilman.

After a little discussion about why is bryan helping even if it's very dangerous, the team makes their way to the mansion's entrance, parks the car in a way to take cover and steven tells them to wait for him outside.

The team clears the path from the italians and steven enters in the mansion while bryan and alex decides to wait for him outside. When steven enters in the mansion wilman talks by his megaphone giving him a welcome party. Steven goes through the first bedrooms taking out the incoming italian mafia members and the one with a rocket launcher. After clear the path steven keeps his way to the next side of the mansion.

In the next side the whole path is heavy protected, so steven picks up a sniper rifle and takes cover behind a wall while the incoming italian mafia members attack him and send a memeber with a flamethrower to kill steven. Steven takes out the italians in the kitchen, the living rooms, and the whole path and continues.

In the corners of the house steven takes out the other italians already waiting for him and makes his way to the living room where a bar is placed. Steven takes cover behind a wall and wilman tells him by megaphone that mary is nearby. Steven eliminates the italian mafia members around the place and keeps his way to mary, taking out the girl who was torturing mary and taking a secury card to release her.

After releasing mary, steven sends mary outside the mansion with alex and bryan, then steven gets in the gym's door what sends him to the roof's entrance where wilman is. Steven and wilman have a conversation but it seems fucked up by the SWAT members who arrive there, in order to kill wilman and steven. As the SWAT were bought by wilman, looks like the SWAT betrayed him anyway, so the 3 sides of the battle seems to be affected.

Wilman takes his minigun and goes after steven, steven defends himself from the SWAT but wilman kind of helps him taking out SWAT members as well, with the help of the italian mafia members. When wilman's minigun is over, he takes his spaz to finish with steven, while both of them insult each other while fighting,

After an exchange of bullets, wilman's spaz is over and he takes his M4, but suddenly 2 SWAT members appear in the stairs behind steven, and other 2 italians with flamethrowers appear to protect wilman. Steven shoots wilman and kills the italians, then wilman escapes but steven decides to clean the mansion from the SWAT before go for wilman.

In the roof wilman and steven faces each other and the final battle starts, wilman takes his spaz full reloaded and steven his M4 and both of them fight. Steven injures wilman very hard and he drops his spaz. Steven takes his deagle and executes wilman finishing with a headshot puting him out of his missery. After kill wilman, Alex, laura, bryan and mary appears behind steven, supporting him after all what happened.

After 2 days of the incident and wilman's death, steven visits mateo's grave, showing his gratitute for supporting and helping him always, apologizing about his death, and promissing him that he will protect mary at all cost from here on it.

After sometime steven recieves a call from bryan who tells him that he doesn't need to blame himself about what happened, and to don't kill himself because everyone that he knows loves him, and cares about him. Especially mary, so bryan tries to convince steven that he has a reason to still living. After the chat about that, bryan tells steven that laura is pregnant, and if it's a boy they'll call him mateo. Steven shoes his gratitude to bryan and says goodbye to bryan and to take care of laura and his future son.

With this, the story of The Colombian Cartel finishes.
Alex's Missions: 100% (3/3) (Revenge ending)


-GTA San Andreas
-Cleo 3
-Dyom 7.0.2



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PLAYMission help: 43AstrobixApr 07 2013, 01:50
"Mission help: 43"
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Added by Astrobix on Apr 07 2013, 01:49
And with these 2 endings and all the missions, the story of The Colombian Cartel finishes here. Thanks for all who followed the story and watched / played this missions. I'm astrobix, for you.

PS: Now that the main story is over, all i can say is that the deal and revenge endings were inspired in GTA IV, as well as some parts of the story, and that both finals were tragic, one more than other but it was necesary due to the actions did in the past. Main storyline is complete now.

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