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Tomb Raider : Mysterious Caverns

By Zohair Irani

This is the seventh installment of the Tomb raider series.
Lara is now on her venture to explore the secret caverns discovered by her on Mount Chiliad in the mission Tomb Raider : Mount Chiliad.

She will face several difficulties while proceeding ahead in such caverns..

Note :
1) No cheats except PROFESSIONALKILLER allowed.
2)Spare your health as you proceed through the cavers, as there is not much health pickups available.(Though not much enemies too..)

Relics :
From this mission onwards, there will be another side task of collecting relics. They are represented by books.
Collecting them is not mandatory, but if you collect all of them , then you are an expert Tomb Raider.
In this mission, there are 9 relics hidden in tricky places....

Just Play, Have Fun and Enjoy the Game !

Do not forget to provide feedback !
(Also mention how many relics you could get in your first try...)


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Added by GtBorg on Apr 11 2013, 19:05
no words Zohair :)
Added by Zohair Irani on Apr 11 2013, 19:32
GtBorg, What does that mean?
Added by GtBorg on Apr 12 2013, 00:49
It means a good work, a really good work
One question: Why do you upload a single mission in a rar. archive?
Added by GtBorg on Apr 12 2013, 00:50
or a .zip archive?
Added by Zohair Irani on Apr 12 2013, 07:24
Thanks, GtBorg.
About zipping, I do it to hide the blueprint so that it does not spoil the fun and does not reveal positions of relics.
BTW how many relics could you collect in your first try ?
Added by LucayOrlando on Apr 12 2013, 19:43
In Impossible Mission 1 There Is A Comment Please Read It :)
Added by Vinesh on Apr 13 2013, 16:23
So many time to finish this mission because IT IS AWESOME!
Added by Zohair Irani on Apr 13 2013, 20:16
Thank You, Vinesh ! :)
Added by King on Apr 14 2013, 15:06
Good Very good work And Also Micleanous.
The same cave think i was think for my upcoming Missions
Fear (Intro)
Added by Zohair Irani on Apr 15 2013, 16:13
(BB codes Off.)
Guys, also do mention how many artifacts you could collect.
Also Tomb Raider : Intricate Encounter Coming soon. Stay Tuned.
Added by GtBorg on Apr 22 2013, 03:40
what's your face name, zohair?
Added by GtBorg on Apr 22 2013, 03:42
what's your face name, zohair?
Added by CJ452 on Apr 22 2013, 10:23
This is just awesomeness man , 5 star!
Added by Zohair Irani on Apr 22 2013, 10:33
@GtBorg : My face name is the same as on this site. What about you?

@Cj452 : Thank You ! Also mention about no.of relics collected. Btw, did you play the previous mussions? If not, i suggest u to do so to stay in touch with this ongoing story.
Added by CJ452 on Apr 23 2013, 09:16
No , i haven't played the previous missions but i will play them. You are the best at designing and a big RESPECT from me :).
Added by VergilDD on Apr 23 2013, 14:04
This too!
Added by Zohair Irani on Apr 23 2013, 17:05
I am really glad to earn respect from you.
Hope I will keep the entertaining work throughout the series.

@VergiDD : I am eager for your feedback. Please do enjoy the mission and do not forget that you can use only PROFESSIONALKILLER cheat.
Added by Vinesh on Apr 24 2013, 07:24
It's a good mission and hard to finish :P... I took more than 3 tries.... Anyway this is extreme 2 artefact searching
Added by Zohair Irani on Apr 24 2013, 08:33
Thanks Vinesh.
Btw I did not get the second line...'this is extreme to artifact searching'?
Could you explain?
Added by VergilDD on Apr 24 2013, 11:57
Today I completed upto this mission and u wont believe it!, I found all the relics in my first try, Its not that hard to find them.

Now for the feedback: U could hide the relics in more accurate places, like when there is a object that will lead to the relic and if the player destroy the object he wont be able to get to the relic, some thing like that.

Awaiting for the other missions in the series!
Added by VergilDD on Apr 24 2013, 12:00
Oh! I forgot to tell this!, THESE MISSIONS ARE AWESOME!!!!!
Added by Zohair Irani on Apr 24 2013, 16:07
Thanks Vinesh.
About the relics, I just wanted to introduce them in this chapter so I kept them easy so that everyoe can witness its phenomenon.

I had many many ideas about concealing relics, but I was at objects limit, so I couldnt use more objects.. :P
Stay tuned for next mission.
Added by GtBorg on Apr 25 2013, 00:47
zohair good idea i'm gonna remake the ''Upon Reflection'' mission and i think i'm gonna include some sounds :)
a really time ago i was thinking about it...
Stay tuned also for the 1st driv3r mission
All will be released soon
Added by GtBorg on Apr 25 2013, 00:56
and correct the irritating dyom v6.1 bugs in this remastered version in v7
Added by Zohair Irani on Apr 26 2013, 19:30
I have finished the platforming of Tomb Raider : Mysterious Caverns 2.
I just need to polish it a little.
So it would take some time.

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