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Claude Speed Stories

By Martincho

Ok, in the introduction says it all.
It's my first storyline so for me this is new but you should try and tell me if it has got bugs so i can fix it...
This storyline is about the story of Claude Speed in his visit in San Andreas when he was 18 years old before GTA 3

PD: To start the storyline go to the first checkpoint (gun on the radar)

Don't pay attention to my comments xD


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Added by daniel mathers on Apr 27 2013, 11:46
that's nice c:
Added by Martincho on Apr 27 2013, 21:38
Added by Martincho on Apr 29 2013, 03:35
I only made the first ten missions, i'm making all the rest of the missions for the full version
Added by Martincho on May 01 2013, 05:27
Sorry if the screenshot says BETA, because is the same screenshot that i used for BETA, but it's the full version
Added by kunalpuri on Jun 08 2013, 10:27
how i run this
Added by Martincho on Jun 10 2013, 01:14
Just copy the files in the folder and put them all in DSL folder on "San Andreas User Files"
Added by ryder nigga on Oct 25 2013, 00:03
great storyline! 5 stars
Added by Martincho on Nov 09 2013, 19:23
Thank you man... em... if you wanna try, you can play the REMAKE, it's 10 times better than this one
Added by VROCKPOKEY on Mar 16 2014, 14:07
I copied the files in DSL, but SA won't open!

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